Sunday, May 1, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS -- 5-1-11 -- Aaron Tippin/Nickelback


American Perspective - The left's plan to take over townhall meetings: send in a few hecklers

Amusing Bunni's Musings - More wedded bliss!

Atlas Shrugs - An illegitimate child, an illegitimate president: despite multiple attempts, "no comment" from White House

40 Days for life London - If you only listen to one pro-life talk, make it this one 

It Don't Make Sense - Tuscaloosa Tornado 

A Catholic View - Video: Returning Angel 

A Conservative Teacher - Malcolm nails the release of Obama's birth certificate 

A Patriotic Rottweiler - Proof that birth certificate is a computer generated fake

A Western Heart - Motivation and IQ among blacks 

Acts Of The Apostasy - Priest uses monkeys as altar servers to compete with megachurch 

Adrienne's Corner - The "Adults" of this country are teaching the kids... 

Allied Liberty News - Should birthers now give BHO a free pass? 

America! Oh How We'll Miss You! - Sharia in America; Fight the power!

American Creation - Two observations about Thomas Jefferson's bible

Anonymous Political Scientist - Scary look inside the mind of a leftist: see why their ideas lead to deaths 

Another Black Conservative - The Real story of the day: Ben Bernanke - slower growth, more inflation

Barking Spider - Barbaric executions by Libyan rebels

Beers, Bicycles, and the VRWC - 10 rules 

Beers With Demo - Entitlements vs. Rights 

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism - Resources for the "Easter is Pagan" misunderstanding (links)

Big Blue Wave - Pampers' commercial sends pro-life vibes 

Black or White Is A Choice - Said it last year and although I was green then, I will always be black or white

Blog De King Shamus - Oil blues for the green Obama

Blowing San #1 - On Harry Potter, rock music, and children entering the occult 

Blue Collar Philosophy - Obama is leading from behind and causing America's decline

Bluegrass Pundit - Left-Wing zombies protest Republican congressman Daniel Webster 

Bonsai from the Right - Black Chamber of Commerce CEO: Obama administration 'might as well put on the brown shirts and swastikas' 

Bread Upon the Waters - Anarchy Alley & The Little "Red" church: Obama's roots, investigated by Bill Whittle 

Can We Keep Our Republic? - Do you love the federal reserve? 

Catholic Once Again - A little C.S. Lewis on Good Friday

Christian Conservative - EPA admits jobs don't matter 

Christian-with-a-view - Baptize in water? 

Christina Helena - Sin is the executioner of the good God and the assassin of the soul 

Cmblake6's Weblog - Brazil?!? hell no. Guatemala maybe...

Common Cents - The first 2012 presidential debate - "Ron Paul vs. Obama"

Conservative Hideout 2.0 - Raising Cain 

Conservative Girl With a Voice - Trig Palin: God's precious gift 

Conservative Perspective - NRA Convention bites, eat em up,,,Bolton and Cain

Conservatives On Fire - Putting Obama on the psychologist's couch

Conservative Scalawag - Walmart to bring back guns

Creative Minority - Brian Williams is a caveman

Crime, Guns and Videotape - Youtube and their inconsistent terms of service sensorship

 Crucis' Court - Gangster government

CVSTOS FIDEI - Bakhita: From slave to saint 

Deacon For Life - Matt C. Abbott: "John Paul II's influence on birth control encyclical, pro-life movement

DeanO - The president's maturity problem 

Diary of a Right Wing Peace Loving Pussycat - Wow! 

Domine da mihi hanc aquam! - Coffee cup browsing 

Down Under on the Right Side - I'll swap with the paper boy 

Eye of Polyphemus - Formspring question #144 - Glenn Beck and call edition

Fuzzy Logic - The Leftists' conservative "Civil war" trap

Generational Dysfunction - The Unconventional campaign 

Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity - Last week's patriot rally in Charleston, SC

Greg Mankiw's Blog - Keynes vs. Hayek round two

Guy Average - Hiking the cost of gasoline one "endangered species" at a time

Hack Wilson - Persecution in China continues, 36 people arrested for attempting to attend Easter service - "Racers" 

Hyphenated-American - Why you need to read Ann Coulter, Part 1 

Infidels Are Cool - Facebook discussion on Ron Paul

Innominatus - Smarter than D' ohbama 

Jim McMahon Chicago - Pay attention America 

Jo-Joe Politico - Slippery stuff 

Just A Conservative Girl - Herman Cain - The American dream is under attack

Just An Artist - Dancing horse and rider 

Kathleen's Catholic - From the Bird & Nature Journal 

Left Coast Rebel - Herman Cain at Americans for prosperity forum 

Let The Truth Be Known - Obama's birth certificate/Manda Zand Irvin - the children of Iran 

Legal Insurrection - Update on Marizela Perez 

Lone Star Parson - Rule britannia 

Lonely is the Nights - New again Brad Paisley & Sara Evans

Maggie's Notebook - Charles Krauthammer on Democrat dismay at delegitimizing Obama

Mind Numbed Robot - Defining "American"

Mindless and Spineless - Liberals are lamenting "cronyism" 

Motivation Truth - Bret Baier interviews Governor Palin 

Musings of a Vast Right-Winger - Ray Stevens - Obama budget plan 

My Daily Trek - Obama's 'intentional disrespect' towards Christians 

New Zeal - New sheriff in town Ann Barnhardt: fearless against Islam and the Obama syndicate

No Sheeples Here - International Monetary Fund bombshell: age of America nears end

Nonsensible Shoes - Niall Ferguson pwns Obama and MSNBC 

NoOneOfAnyImport - Proof

Obama Cartoons - Zombie Obama 

Patriot's Corner - Dearbornistan: Islam has crossed a line and it is time we take our country back

Political Realities - They got these right, let's support them

Proof Positive - Romney foot in mouth: "Hang" misery index on Obama 

Pundit & Pundette - Various sundry 

Quickwit - It's not a union fight, it's a survival of the country fight

Randy's Roundtable - Send a prayer to the folks down south 

Rational Nation USA - The producers and the takers

Reaganite Republican - Confirmed: Israel's 2007 air strike in Syrian desert destroyed nuclear reactor 

Right Klik - Delicious irony: redneck global warming skeptics terrorized and killed by tornadoes 

Robbing America - Bernanke has us between a rock and a hard place

Saber Point - Black racist threatens the Stogmeister 

Self Evident Truths - Steven Crowder: Barack for Brazil 

SHAWSBLOG - Coercion, threats and bribery by unions everywhere

STOP Marxism - Lawsuit against the federal government 

Talk Wisdom - Obama releases "long form" birth certificate? 

Sentry Journal - How overcoming our fears can save a nation 

The Audacity of Logic - Obama the tax hypocrite 

The Blog - Quantum Superposition 

Theblogprof - Tony Katz to MSNBC's Contessa Brewer: Accusing Obama's opponents of racism makes you a 'racer' 

The Born Again Americans - Silver bullet my A$$

The Camp of the Saints - The Case for monarchy [In England and other places]

The Catholic Knight - Slaying the political orthrus 

The Country Thinker - Who's more responsible for our deficits and debt - Republicans or Democrats?

The Crescat... - Italian 101...

The Daley Gator - MSNBC guest: global warming skeptics are pathological 

The Humble Libertarian - Top climate scientist no better than birther conspiracy theorists

The Last Tradition - Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood now plans big political role

The Libertarian Patriot - Divided we fail 

The Liberty Sphere - Send in the goons -- White House turns on the press

The Malcontent - The Dream of my father, like father, like son? 

The Observatorium - Religion Clause: program seen as profiling Muslim travelers is ended

The Other McCain - By Executive fiat, labor department adds 'gender indentity' to protected categories

The Scottcarp Dream - Warrior cats-its my life - a call to rise up Christians

The Conservative Lady - Charity begins at home ... America 

The Oracular Opinion - Who was Trump-ed? 

The Right Guy - A valiant German woman defies Islamic radicals 

Three Beers Later... - Obama grants citizenship to three convicted terrorists 

TOTUS - Obama birth 

Trestin Meacham - History lies #1 

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia - Muslim Religious Ed.-- Christians and Jews are going to hell 

Virtual Mirage - Bloody Mexico: Project Gunrunner

Warning Signs - Things I Don't Care About 

We The People ... - Increasing the Awesome 

WDTPRS - Fr. Z in WaPo on John Paul II's beatification 

Wyblog - Protecting the environment, a noble idea which morphed into fascism

Why I Am Catholic - For the royal wedding homily from our Anglican Brethren 

Wisdom of Dave - Mark Steyn: The right not to be offended

Woman Honor Thyself - Political correctness in the U.K. 

Woodsterman - You picked a fine time ..... 

Zilla of the Resistance - Easter in Iraq - Islamic Jihad Attack


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wow Teres!!..awesome!..I'm honored !! Hope ya had a fab weekend!:)

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Great news ey, they finally got that sonofabitch. Hats off to those soldiers, they have all our thanks. I’m celebrating today. Well done and thank you America, it is a great day for the west.

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