Friday, August 12, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS -- Christian Hits Edition -- 8-12-11


Zilla Of The Resistance - Opposing Genocide does not make one a "Nazi" Denouncing Violence does not make one a "Terrorist" 

Woodsterman - Retirement Bonus 

Woman Honor Thyself - Congress...UGH. 

Wolf Files - Badge of Honor: I'm on the Media Matters enemy list 

Wisdom Of Dave - World Trade Center Rises in Defiance of Radical Islam and All America's Enemies 

Why I Am Catholic - What Figures Are On This Celtic Cross?

What Does The Prayer Really Say? - USCCB Media Blog Reacts to Dept. Of Health and Human Services 

We The People... - Gun News 

Maggie's Notebook - Harry Reid: S&P Wants Higher Debt - Higher Taxes

Atlas Shrugs - Jewish Synagogue Vandalized With Muslim Graffiti "Islam Will Rule" And Swastika 

Generational Dysfunction - Awaiting Black Monday...

The Other McCain - On The Scene In Iowa 

The Libertarian Patriot - Christina Romer Sums Up Economy In 3 Words - "Pretty Darn Fucked" 

Weasel Zippers - Tea Party Vindication: S&P Says It Favors Spending Cuts Over Tax Hikes To Fix Credit Rating...

The Camp Of The Saints - Not Only Financially Bankrupt, But Morally, Too

Randy's Roundtable - Geithner Is A Idiot Or A Liar  and Obamanation 

The Right Guy - Islamic Inventions 

Down On The Right Side - Biden's 'Terrorists' Are My Heroes  and Worst President In History of the US 

The Malcontent - Give us money, give more money, give us more food, give us more medicine. And by the way we hate you Americans.

The Country Thinker - Okay, So An Economist Went Into A Bar... 

Robbing America - Reasons Why Obama Should Be Re-Elected 

Let The Truth Be Known - Comic Wednesday Edition II 

My Daily Trek - Islam The "Peaceful Religion" 

Sentry Journal - Friday Ramblings: The Truth Can Be A Painful Friend and U.S. Day of Rage Planned To Take Place On Constitution Day 

A Conservative Teacher - Former Thatcher Adviser Unleashes on Obama

Bread Upon The Waters - On Being Called A Terrorist 

Conservative Hideout 2.0 - SEIU Alinsky Styled Guide Revealed: Thug Tactics Abound  and For Those of You Who Think Communism is Great...

TOTUS - Eagle and Condom 

Creative Minority Report - San Fran to Make It Illegal for CPC's Not to Abort 

The Wisdom of Soloman - Eat Your Peas, America 

American Perspective - Obama's policies are a huge wet blanket on economy 

Political Realities - The Makeup Of The Super Congress 

The Blog - Deeply Disturbing 

Self Evident Truths - The Stinky Award: MSNBC News Investigative Report: Are Tea Partiers 'Delusional' Addicts? 

DRScoundrels - The Real Bad Guys in Washington - Great Short Vid 

Warning Signs - Why The US debt limit was downgraded 

Virtual Mirage - The Modern Arab Mindset 

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia - Muslims leaders converting to Jesus Christ 

Three Beers Later... - Obama Propaganda Film To Hit Theaters Weeks Before Election Day! 

Theblogprof - Gore Flips Out on Global Warming Skeptics: "Bulls**T

The Wyblog - Now That's What I Call Distance Learning 

The Wisdom Of Soloman - Newsweek (Obama) Cover 

The Scottcarp Dream - Bahney Fwank To Gut The Military 

The Sarah Palin Blog - Palin Blasts Biden 

The OH, Bama Files - The Face of Terrorism 

The Observatorium - Government Funnies and On The Tantrum Over The Ground Zero 'Cross'

The Liberty Sphere - Progressives issue death threats; call for roundup of 'Teabaggers' 

American Perspective - Santelli: Without Tea Party U.S. Would be Rated BBB

Amusing Bunni's Musings - Finally, People Are Fighting Feral Rat Scum! 

It Don't Make Sense - Things To Come 

A Catholic View - US bishops' spokesperson rips Health and Human Services for interfering with religion

A Western Heart - Obama's New Fuel Standards 

Abigail and Dolley - If the Tea Party are Hobbits; John McCain is Saruman 

Adrienne's Corner - Pundette endorsement...

Allied Liberty News - Chinese developing EMP weapons to neutralize US Pacific Fleet! 

Always On Watch - Here's What the GOP needs to keep harping on 

Angry White Dude - 'Debt Man Walking' is stuck on stupid 

Another Black Conservative - The Big Announcement? Palin To Keynote Tea Party Rally in Iowa 

Barking Spider - Sharia Poster Boy 

Barracuda Brigade 2012 - Britain Burns: Riots spread through U.K. cities!!!

BBCW - Let's get the government out of the marriage buisness" Marriage has become a tax 

Beers, Bicycles, and the VRWC - Not Really Cut? 

Beers With Demo - What we are also experiencing is a leadership crisis

Big Blue Wave - Abortion Worker Admits: abortion kills an unborn child 

Black Or White Is A Choice - Venting! 

Blog de King Shamus - Christmas in August, Courtesy of the Wisconsin Recall Elections 

Blowing San #1 - Ain't It The Truth...

Bluegrass Pundit - Fail: Al Sharpton attempts to read off a teleprompter

Can We Keep Our Republic? - Fiscal Responsibility and Irresponsibility 

Catholic Fire - St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross 

Catholic Moms For Santorum - Politico - Santorum Courts Iowa Support Others Skip 

Catholic Once Again - "Cowboys and Aliens" A Christian Review 

Commentarama - Domestic Terrorism Boost From Redford 

Common Cents - Rush Limbaugh Audio "Obama is a debt man walking"  

Conservative Perspective - Rich Man, Poor Man - Afterburner With Bill Whittle 

Deacon For Life - It's the morality, stupid! 

DeanO - Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister, Calls U.S. Parasite On The Global Economy 

Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! - Nihilism, Logos, and the New Evangelization

Don't Tread On Us - The Top 25 Edition: Deep Thoughts Edition   

Eye Of Polyphemus - Formspring Question #218 -- Spider-Man, Nobody Knows Who You Are Edition

The Daley Gator - *Video* Mark Levin Mocks Al Sharpton's Inane Babble and Barney Frank's On-Air Farting 

Pathetically Incorrect - And You Want Me To Support Palestine?????

The Last Tradition - Chris "Tingle Up My Leg" Matthews Compares Obama To George W. Bush 

The Empress Is Naked - Speechcrime Is Thoughtcrime 

The Conservative Lady - TCL's Rule 5 Post of the Summer 

The Catholic Knight - England Riots Explained... 

The Born Again Americans - This Isn't Rocket Science 

The Bitter Americans - Tea Party, We Have A Problem... 

The Audacity Of Logic - Obama Is Jimmy Carter 2.0

Lisa Graas - Standing Up For The Sanctity Of ..... "Same-Sex Marriage"? 

Hack Wilson - The Cultural Castration Of Men in American Society - Michelle Obama Gets Heavyweight Criticism 

Hyphenated-American -- "Obama and Democrats Have To... Make Government Work" Part 1 

Innominatus - Heh Heh  hehheheheheh

Jo-Joe Politico - So, Are You Rich Or Poor? 

Just A Conservative Girl - Pawlenty's Powerful Ad 

Just An Artist - 1812 Overture With Cannons 

Left Coast Rebel - "Many Times I've Riffed on a Dark, Delicious Fantasy about Rounding up Tea Bagger Types and sentencing them to green re-education camps" 

Legal Insurrection - Steal This Bumper Sticker 

Stop Marxism - Holder has no interest in hate crimes against whites

Sancte Pater - Saints and Sacrifices: Maximilian Kolbe and Edith Stein at Auschwitz 

Saber Point - Massive Global Unrest as Socialized Countries Finally Go Broke 

RightKlik - Barack Obama Inherited Nothing 

Rational Nation USA - Miles Davis His Way 

Reaganite Republican - Passionate Progressives... 

Quickwit - I am Not The Only One With A Problem With Kerry and his Trash Talking and Dismissing of the Tea Party 

Pundit & Pundette - No Exceptions 

Proof Positive - Incredible Bachmann 

Pedaling Fast - On Peter The Apostle 

Obama Cartoons - Eat Your Damn Peas 

ARRA News Service - Obama's Six Words That Should Scare Everyone

 America's Watchtower - Gunrunner: At Least Two Felons Were Allowed To Buy Firearms Under Fast and Furious 

Conservatives On Fire - The Educated Fools of the Ivy League 

Phoebe's Detention Room - Rick Santelli Rips CNBC Guest For Calling Tea Partiers 'Freaked Out White Men Who Are Unemployed

That Mr. G Guy's Blog - Fast and Furious...It's Getting Deep 

NoOneOfAnyImport - You're Gonna Pay 

The Other McCain - The Butter Cow Is SEXY! 

Nonsensible Shoes - Racism and Obama 

Musings Of A Vast Right-Winger - Runaway Slave Movie - Trailer #2 with special message from CL Bryant

Mind Numbed Robot - The Austrians Were Right!

Lonely Is The Nights - Has Anyone Seen This Dog???  

Lone Star Parson - Piers Morgan - Please send him back 

Creeping Sharia - NJ Governor Christie Praised Hamas-Linked Imam As "Man of Great Good Will"  


John Carey said...

Thank you so much for the links Teresa. Such a great grouping of outstanding conservative blogs here. Have a great weekend.

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Thanks Teresa for the linkage! Very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. It is good of you to take the time to do this for all of us.

Teresa said...

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Bill Smith said...

I'm on the road and in VA visiting old military assignment locations and homes of 30 years ago. Time does fly. But tonight, I was catching up via Google Reader which includes your blog. Your effort in doing the long post w/videos is amazing. Thank You for the link. Blessed to be included! God Bless. Bill

Amusing Bunni said...

That's quite a great list you have there, Teresa, thanks for compiling and including me!

BTW, it's Feral RAT scum....not Cat!
No way would I call our
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Teresa said...


My bad... I'll have to change that... must have made a mistake when copying. Of course kittehs aren't feral scum.

My pleasure to include you Bunni :) Great posts!

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