Monday, December 12, 2011

Bizarre Love Triangle: Girl Scouts, Planned Parenthood, and National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

Activists have already exposed the link between the Girls Scouts and Planned Parenthood.  Now it seems that the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) is also complicit in this evil. Doing nothing, looking the other way, and ignoring the reality of the relationship between Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts is being complicit in evil.

In an interview on the "Today" show in 2004 the Girls Scouts CEO Cathy Cloninger admitted that the Girl Scouts does work with the nations leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

"We partner with many organizations. We have relationships with our church communities, with YWCAs and with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country, to bring information-based sex education programs to girls," Cloninger told Lester Holt.

Sharon Slater, the President of Family Watch International, attempted to attend a workshop in 2010 which was sponsored by the Girl Scouts at the United Nations  that was part of a conference on women's rights. She sat in the back of the room but was quickly told that the event was for 'girls only' and was asked to leave.

She waited for the workshop to end and then made her way into the classroom where the workshop had taken place.  She found participant handouts on the table and was shocked by the content in the pamphlets. 

What Sharon found was a sexually explicit booklet called, "Happy, Healthy and Hot," which included the contact information for International Planned Parenthood Federation. 

"The booklet teaches girls that they have a right to engage in any type of sexual activity they desire," Sharon said.
"But perhaps most shocking was the advice in the booklet that if they happened to be HIV-positive it was completely up to them to decide whether to inform any sexual partner of their condition."

After she reported the booklet in the "Family Watch" newsletter her credibility was called into question. The fact that her credibility was questioned isn't surprising. This is how the Left eliminates its competition through character assassination. 

After her report was published Sharon gained national media attention but the Girl Scouts denied that there was any connection between Planned Parenthood and them. 

Slater noted that parents have no idea "what ideas and values their daughters may be exposed to" as a current Girl Scout so she did something very important to keep parents informed as to what is going on within the Girl Scouts, and documented the findings of her team on her website

"Visitors to her site will find links to documents, screen shots, financial statements and even audio and video of Girl Scout leaders admitting connections that the GSUSA officially denies exist." 

In a recent Washington Times article Rebecca Hagelin exposes how the Girls Scouts has been co-opted by the radical feminist pro-sexual promiscuity agenda - aka the feminazis. 

Hagelin writes:

In contrast to the Boy Scouts of America – an organization I have long supported and recommended – the Girl Scouts of the United States of America has been co-opted as the functional arm of the Democratic, feminist establishment.
It dupes millions of American families into believing that its only mission is to promote wholesome leadership activities for girls.

Now that you have some background information on the connection between Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts I will show you the last piece of this evil corrupt love triangle and the connection between the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry, Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts.  

The Girl Scout whistleblowers want every parent to know the Girl Scouts evil agenda and believe the faith community should be sounding the alarm as well.  But it seems that their efforts have been stymied by the organization which oversees the relationship between the Girl Scouts and the Catholic Church and that the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry seems to be preventing the Catholic community from hearing the facts about the connection between Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts.  

Bob McCarty, the head of NFCYM, said that he had been contacted by some watchdog groups which expressed concern over the connection between Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts.    McCarty claims that he has held numerous meetings over Catholics concerns and that the Girl Scouts have addressed his concerns.  

In speaking on a NFCYM position paper McCarty stated, "The very existence of a position paper tells you that we see problems with the Girl Scouts," McCarty told WND. "If we didn't see problems, there wouldn't be a need for a position paper."

But then WND notes, "
That paper speaks mainly to an accusation of the GSUSA distributing materials on marriage, abortion, contraception, and sexuality that don't line up with Catholic Church teachings. The paper then describes the NFCYM practice of simply asking the GSUSA if the accusations are true." 

Girl Scouting officials claim that "Happy, Healthy, and Hot" wasn't their booklet even though this booklet was discovered immediately after the conclusion of a meeting which was sponsored by the Girl Scouts at the United Nations.  They claim the room wasn't 'sanitized' prior to their occupying it. 

From WND:

She tells WND that the GSUSA explanation of not "sanitizing" the room prior to occupying it doesn't jive with the facts.

"It has been suggested, but seems unlikely, that the vulgar 'Healthy, Happy, and Hot' booklets were left in the room by a group from a previous meeting," she says.

She then described how it was the first day of the conference, and the three groups in the room prior to the Girl Scouts were not covering topics that would involve such a booklet.

"It is clear that the Planned Parenthood booklets would not have pertained to the topics covered by these organizations," she says.

Regardless of Slater's eyewitness account, McCarty's position paper says:

"NFCYM was satisfied with the GSUSA account of the UN meeting."

Therein, lies the problem, say the watchdog groups.

'The NFCYM gives the Girl Scouts a nod for all they do," Jane Petry said. Petry, who has four generations of Girl Scouts in her family, has become a vocal critic of the once-revered group.

"The serious error in this is the fact that they [NFCYM] advise the bishops, as they are considered the voice to our girls well being," she said. "Very, very wrong.

"The NFCYM actually has on their board members of the Girl Scouts."

Lisa Larsson is a Catholic mother from Florida who became concerned about the things her niece was being exposed to as a Girl Scout. The more she researched, the more disturbed she became.

She and her sister, Rochelle Focaracci, not only parted ways with their Girl Scout connection, they started one of the watchdog websites,, as well.

Their goal is not only to inform parents across the world of the disturbing trends they discover in the Girl Scouts, but to reach church leaders as well.

 The sisters contacted Bob McCarty of the NFCYM to sound the alarm, but they say nothing really changes within the Catholic group.

They also say that it's tough to raise the alarm within the Catholic Church because the bishops tend to defer to the position of the NFCYM on the matter.

"We think that the bishops don't know the extent of the problem."
"If the NFCYM won't call for severing ties with the GSUSA, why would the bishops," Larsson asks?

Larsson and Focaracci tell WND that the NFCYM policy of simply "asking" the Girl Scouts if the accusations are true is appalling.

"It's like the FBI asking a terrorist before he gets on a plane if he's a terrorist. If he says 'no,' then they go ahead and let him get on the plane," says Larsson.

Focaracci said, "The Girl Scouts do not belong in our churches."

Is this another scandal brewing within the Catholic Church? 

Here is video of a 67-year old woman named Jane Petry, a life-long Girl Scout member and leader, who picketed outside of the GSUSA National Conference in Houston.  Kevin Williams, a pro-life advocate, traveled to Houston to support her.  


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Hi Teresa,

Well you probably know where I might have gone with this so I will leave it unmentioned in the Christmas spirit.

I will however give you kudo's for the post!

Exit question: Where does this "stuff" end?

Teresa said...


This shows evidence of two things.

1) That the Smoke of Satan has entered the Church - the progressives or liberals have infected the Church with evil.

2)That there are a number of good people fighting against this evil to stop the evil. It is a work in progress. One thing I can say is like Ted Kennedy passed away others, including priests and nuns, will soon die too and this will help to clear the smoke of Satan out of the Church. Traditional Catholicism is on the rise.

Opus #6 said...

Hi T, I knew about the "Healthy, Happy and Hot" pamphlet from GS and PP. I did not know that some Catholics were involved with the drumming up of business from underage girls as well. Sick.

Teresa said...

Yes, it is sick Opie. Unfortunately Catholicism has its share of progressives. Have a great night!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Why would a parent allow ANY sex education in the Girl Scouts? Indoctrination isn't just for schools anymore.

Matt said...

Evil always poses as good. We should always realize that.

Susan said...

Much of the evidence in this article can be found in a website created by current and former Girl Scouts -- HonestGirlScouts(dot)com -- that has links, screen captures and downloadable documents. This is a sad time in history, when a once-revered institution like Girl Scouts gets co-opted by Progressive radicals. DO NOT BUY THOSE COOKIES.