Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Medical Procedures.... Some Links... And Christmas Carols

 I will be undergoing a couple medical procedures tomorrow so I will be taking the day off from blogging.  Here are some worthwhile links.

Judicial Watch has uncovered some documents which shows that the "pro-life" executive order Obama signed after the passage of Obamacare ain't worth the piece of paper its signed on.  The rest of the story is here. 

Ron Paul breaks ranks from a Republican Conference earmark moratorium.  He is one of four Republicans to include earmarks in the 2011 budget.  More here.

Beck asked some hard-hitting questions in his interview with Newt Gingrich.  I thought that it was a pretty good interview.  Here is the interview. 

Gingrich has affirmed his pro-life views after having made a bumbling misstatement answer to a question on when he believes life begins. More here. 

Then we have some thuggery occurring in the Windy City.  Two people brutally beat an 80-year old priest as he lay asleep in his rectory.  Prayers for his healing.  Full story here. 

The NAACP has petitioned the U.N. over what it perceives to be 'voter suppression'.  The NAACP claims that blacks and Hispanics will be disenfranchised in the next election. Such absurdities.... What some states have instituted is voter registration or voter I.D. requirements in order to prove citizenship when voting.  The U.N. better stay the heck out of our next election.   Story here. 

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