Monday, April 23, 2012

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS -- 80's Music "A" Edition -- 4-23-12


The Other McCain - Little Green Sheep: A Telling Update

The Lonely Conservative - Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Sees Government Benefits as the American Dream 

The Daley Gator - Stratfor Emails Show Democrats Stuffed Ballot Boxes in Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2008

Capitalist Preservation - Would the Second Amendment Survive A Second Obama Term?  

Conservative Hideout 2.0 - Kossack Confirms Lefty/Rad Feminazi Narrative: Claims Fetus is a Parasite 

Creative Minority Report - Les Miserables: First Look 

Sentry Journal - 19 April 1775: The Shot Heard Round The World

The Libertarian Patriot - Obama Booed at Fenway Park Celebration

Atlas Shrugs - Legalized Extortion: Sword-Wielding Muslim Mob Escapes Prosecution of Violent Attack... 

Randy's Roundtable - Democrats Jumping Ship? 

Political Realities - Mitt Romney For President in 2012 

Reaganite Republican - All Any American Needs To Know About the Debt Crisis_in Pictures

Bread Upon The Waters - Friday Flashback: Saul Alinsky & Al Capone's Mob 

Always Catholic - 85 & Still Cool - Happy Birthday BXVI

Conservative Perspective - Media Matters' Anti-Christian Agenda Exposed - Daylight 

Woodsterman - When Did The Bikini Become An Accessory 

American Perspective - How To Defeat Political Islam, Video

The Camp Of The Saints - Yeah... Yeah, Old Mitch Would Have Been A Great Choice As Nominee

Defeat Obama In 2012 - King Putt Obama  

TOTUS - The Biggest Threat To The Constitution Is "We The People" 

The Country Thinker - The Case For Self-Government 

American Chronicle- Let's All Get On Cue For Free Money 

Maggie's Notebook - How The Occupy Movement Chose To Remember The Holocaust And Its Victims

Catholic Bandita - Identity: 'Crusaders' or 'Werewolves'?  

Right Wing Theocrat - Gun Control In Australia 

Mind Numbed Robot - R.I.P. Levon Helm 

My Daily Trek - Funnies For The Weekend 

The Conservative Lady - True Grit 

The Blog - Fido-Philic Fun 

Self-Evident Truths - The Welfare State Versus Free Will: A History Lesson 

Don't Tread On Us - Ignorance Is Strength, 2012 Edition 

Catholic Once Again - When Atheists Judge You 

_It Don't Make Sense_ - Where's Hugo? 

Let The Truth Be Known - Obama Attorney Admits Birth Certificate Is Forged 

Virtual Mirage - Bloody Mexico - Los Mochis 

The Audacity Of Logic - Does It Matter To You? 

Fuzzy Logic - Top 5 Lies Leftists Believe About Conservatives: Number 4

Western Hero - Why Romney Could Beat Obama 

Theo Spark - Egypt Takes First Step To Shred Peace Treaty With Israel 

The TrogloPundit - For All The Libertarians On Your Shopping List This Year 

The Owl Blog - Systemic Sleaze, Congress Stands Up, and Moral DNA 

The Lonely Conservative - Half Of New College Grads Either Underemployed Or Unemployed 

The Humble Libertarian - The Third Gun, New Book Claims FBI Cover Up Of Third Gun In Murder Of Border Patrol Agent 

The Astute Bloggers - Must See TV: Global Bullsh*t 

Talk Wisdom - "Watch Out Bo, He'll Chew You Up"

Battle Beads Blog - The Dragon and the bear Begin???? 

STOP MARXISM - Powerful Catholic Election Ad To Beat Obama 

Say Anything Blog - Drones Over North Dakota

PaleoCon Command Center - Zo On The 'War On Women'  

Obama Cartoons - Running On Empty 

NoOneOfAnyImport - Feminism and Politics 

I Know The Words I Need To Say - 7/2 Time Out Tuesday Vol XII Decisions Edition 

Motor City Times - Happy Earth Day To All Communists,Progressives,Eco-Warriors,Leftists, and Democrats Everywhere 

Lone Star Parson - Piers Morgan, Our Problem 

Liberty At Stake - The Numbers Game (It Sucks To Be Unpopular Edition)

Adrienne's Corner - Zimmerman: "I Didn't Know If He was Armed"... 

Jo-Joe Politico - Tripping Out Over The National Debt 

Eye Of Polyphemus - Stargate SG-1 -- "Frozen" 

Da Tech Guy - They Don't Want Citizens They Want Serfs 

Doug Ross @ Journal - Change! 1 in 2 New Graduates Are Jobless or Underemployed 

Conservatives On Fire - The Entitlement Mentality is NO Laughing Matter 

Rjjrdq's America II - Global Warming Fraudsters Grasping at Straws 

Blog de KingShamus - Pray For Bo 

Bunkerville - Female Genital Mutilation for 100,000 U.K. Women 

BBCW - 2012 Missouri Republican Platform Fails To End Big Government in Education 

Blogsense-by-Barb -- Adventures of a Warrior Who Never Quits... 

Amusing Bunni's Musings - International Pet Roundup 

American Power - Obama Asserts Unitary Executive Power After Campaigning Against George W. Bush...

A Catholic View - Melinda Gates Promotes Abortion at Mtg., Attacks Catholics 

We The People - Countering The Deceit of HBO: Why Ya Gotta Love P.J. Media 

Boudica BPI Weblog - Allen West: Political Correctness Affecting Security 

Beers, Bicycles, and The VRWC - It's Easy To Lie... 

Blowing San #1 - Putting Down Your Child Like An Unwanted Dog 

Bluegrass Pundit - Van Jones Deranged: Conservatives Will Kill Children For Jobs 

Commentarama - Burning Down The House 

Proof Positive - Ten Years Ago, Dems Told Us "ANWR Won't Produce for 7-10 Years" 

Common Cents - Watch Out Bo! "Dogs Against Obama Video" 

DeanO - KingObama: The NutnFancy Project 

Standing On My Head - Shakespeare The Catholic 

Hack Wilson - How Mia Love Dismantles the Liberals' Racism/Sexism Argument 

Innominatus - Need Help For Parody of We Are The World Updated 

Just A Conservative Girl - Quote of the Day -- George Will Edition 

Left Coast Rebel - Progressive-Statist RINO Orrin Hatch To Face Primary Challenger Dan Liljenquist 

The Scottcarp Dream - "We The People" are Screwed 

We The People... - Video of the Day: The "How To Take Down a Terrorist" Edition 

The Catholic Knight - Washington D.C.'s Ongoing War With The U.S. Catholic Church 

Bitter Americans - Would Rubio as VP Make You Feel Better About Mitt? 

Sancte Pater - Chance to be Ann Barnhardt's Obama "Billboard Neighbor"

Old Hardhead's Blog - Is Working Until Tax Freedom Day Slavery? 

Saber Point - New Photo Supports Zimmerman's Claim of Self-Defense

Right Klik -  Don't Bite The Constitution That Feeds You 

Rational Nation USA - Ron Paul...Valiant Advocate and Warrior For Liberty... 

Quickwit - Why We Will Soon Look Like Greece 


John Carey said...

Great bunch of links Teresa.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Thanks for the link Teresa and the music!

Teresa said...


My apologies to you for somehow inadvertently missing posting your link.I thought I posted it the same time I commented on your post. The error is rectified and a Sentry Journal link has been added. God Bless.

Teresa said...

My pleasure Christopher. God Bless.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks for the link kid. You have great taste linking one my best posts.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Wow! You did a fantastic job on the videos! Thank you for sharing them and for the link!

Maybe I should post some of my favorite videos. Hmm..... :)

Bunkerville said...

Thanks for the link and the great music. Took me back a spell. Except Alice....:))Never could quite dig it-- now there is an old expression.