Monday, November 3, 2014

Life,Changing and More

Life for me today is more than politics.  To me life is more than voting for the right candidate or Republicans vs. Democrats.  Life for me has been spending time with family, becoming closer to Jesus, deeper in faith, healing and dealing with fibromyalgia and other health problems, plus rebuilding my life while separated from my husband(hopefully not too long) due to financial circumstances.  Life for me is about being happy, making jewelry and other crafts.  Politics is one part of my life it just doesn't take up a huge chunk of my life like it did before.  My principles and beliefs are very important to me and that won't change but dealing with chronic pain is enough of a job by itself.  I miss blogging often and visiting everyone's blogs.

The militant, terrorist group known as ISIS must be defeated.  How the International community goes about defeating them is up for debate.  Iraqi Kurdish Fighters Arrive in Syria Town Fighting ISIS 

Pastors stand strong and defy IRS as they endorse candidates.  Go Pastors!!!

Do you think wisdom is hard to come by nowadays?  Seems like it when so many bad choices have been made for our country in recent years.  Becoming wise requires change.  Unfortunately most people are reticent to change.  Here is an article on wisdom.

Take a look at this adorable Halloween picture.  How was your Halloween?  Did your kids or grandchildren dress up and go trick or treating?  Here are 10 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries that Happened on Halloween. 

See King Jupiter

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lights Out!

Kevin and I have been going through a really tough time the past few months.  Kevin lost his job.  I lost health insurance which I very much needed for medications and doctor visits. Going through the craziness of signing up for medical assistance is enough to make anyone go bonkers. The process and papers can be so confusing.  Lately we haven't been receiving important papers in the mail so our electricity has been shut off. Yes, lights are out.  We think it may have something to do with us having appealed how much we owe the bastards at our apartment complex and having it lowered a decent amount.  We have been living with disgusting bugs for three years.  There is mildew and so much other crap wrong with the apartment that the staff refused to address.  Plus just recently we had sewage come up a couple of the drains. Lovely... The owner of Brentshire Gardens is a friggin slum lord.  We are facing eviction but honestly I think it is a blessing in disguise.  This is the reason I have been absent lately.  Still dealing with health issues but that is an ongoing problem. I know God is with us even though we are going through a rough patch now.  Hope all of you are doing well. Bless you and hope to visit blogs soon.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Despicable Prank!!!! So Wrong!!

A boy living in Ohio was the victim of an atrocious prank. The boy thought that he was participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge but instead other high school students played a cruel, vile prank pouring human waste and cigarette butts on the boy.  Plus, the pranksters even went so low as to make a video of their bullying the boy with autism.  Sick!!!  Friggin awful!!  I feel so sorry for the autistic boy.  Drew Carey is spot on when saying that after these teens who committed this horrible act are found, they should be arrested and expelled from school.  What these boys did crosses way over the line of just being a prank.  These bullies need to be punished.  Drew Carey has even offered a reward to find the bullies who did this repulsive act against the boy.  If the reward isn't needed Drew is going to make a donation to the organization Autism Speaks. This is utterly sickening and I can't imagine how this boy is suffering right now.

Monday, September 1, 2014

TV Hosts STOP Giving Dangerous Individuals a Platform to Spew Hatred & Ideology !!!!

Okay, two TV hosts in the past week gave a Muslim activist named Anjam Choudary a platform to spew his hate against the West.  Sean Hannity on Fox News and Brian Stelter on CNN gave this dangerous Muslim activist who supports terrorism a platform to talk about wanting to end Western Civilization as we know it now, advocating for a worldwide Muslim Caliphate. 

Hannity Stop!!!!!  Stelter Stop!!!!!

Stop giving Choudary and others a platform to gain more followers!!  

To debate someone with these beliefs is stupid.  

I will not post the video of this dangerous Muslim activist who praised 9/11 of him on with Hannity or Stelter.  I am not giving Choudary a platform to spread his message of hate and advocating violence against the West and its people.  You can see the article on The Blaze

We are in a war against those who want to destroy the West.  We don't debate people who want to annihilate us. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Safety of Abortion Clinics -- Pro-Choicers What Do You Think?

Question for people who are pro-choice -- Do you believe that abortion clinics should be held to the same safety standard as ambulatory facilities? Should abortion clinics be regulated to follow codes such as the Here is a list of facilities across America that are required by law to follow the Life Safety Code standards:  prisons, day care centers, health clinics, hotels, schools, prisons, businesses and homes.  Do you think that abortion clinics should be required to adhere to the same standards?  In Alabama and other states legislatures have proposed or passed legislation that requires the same standards of abortion clinics that are required of other facilities.  Abortion rights activists have claimed that these laws are arbitrary and have nothing to do with safety of facilities for employees and patients. Mary Kate Cary from the U.S. News & World Report notes: 

The Washington Post editorialized recently, "Safety in abortion clinics is a legitimate concern, but these regulations probably will have little effect on patient safety. Many of the requirements are costly and cosmetic, requiring clinics – without financial assistance from the state – to widen hallways, doorways and even entrance awnings." So not being able to get a gurney to a woman in trouble is a "cosmetic" problem, not a safety concern? Women's health advocates told the Post that as a result, all but one clinic in North Carolina "would probably close" because of associated costs, all but five clinics in Texas "would probably" close, and at least one clinic in Ohio is "already feeling the pinch." Similar predictions followed the restrictions on Pennsylvania clinics after the Kermit Gosnell verdict; yet news reports show that only five had actually closed, most voluntarily. 
Since these clinics also offer mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, contraception and other preventive services, the reproductive-rights lobby argues that women will lose access to all of these health services because of "cosmetic," "costly" changes required by "extremist" politicians. But if they really were committed to women's health, wouldn't clinics remain open for all other services? Instead, they prefer to threaten an all-or-nothing shutdown of services to all women because they don't want to meet higher standards for just one service. It makes you wonder which is more important to so-called women's health advocates: women's actual health or abortion politics. 
Mainstream public opinion is moving in one direction, toward more restrictions, not fewer – and the left is moving in the other direction. If you ask me, that's extremist. 

Here is a schematic which shows regulations across all states.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Conservatives and Libertarians please stop calling them illegal!!

Over the past few months I have been thinking about how in conservative circles we call immigrants who didn't go through the proper channels to come to the United States, "illegal immigrants" and asked myself "why?"  These people are NOT Illegal! People are not illegal.  The crimes that people do are illegal. Persons themselves are not illegal.  I can totally understand why progressives, immigrants, as well as others see this terminology as offensive.  Conservatives/Libertarians need to try to get out of this bad habit of calling immigrants who came here illegally "illegal immigrants."  So I am making a plea to my fellow bloggers to stop calling immigrants who crossed the border here illegally "illegal immigrants" because it is hurtful to the immigrants as persons to call them illegal.  This has pulled my heartstrings.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Liberties lost, Chaos, brutality, rights trampled on, Citizens spying on other citizens; America in decline before our eyes

Is America becoming a police state? Is America becoming a banana republic? Is America becoming a dictatorship? Is America's light dimming for the world to see? Has our country become a Corporatocracy? Totalitarian?  Fascist?

H/T DeadCitizensRightsSociety

The incidents happening across America are horrible, alarming, and frightening. It is so sad to witness the decline of America.

We have the government calling on paramedics and firefighters to report so called suspicious activity, ordering them to look for "extremists" as a part of their job. WTH???

I do think there is still time to save America and reverse this slow painful death which is upon her. We can restore Godly principles, lost liberties, and our founding fathers' vision and foundation to America.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

RIP Patches and Goofy

Yesterday both of our cats, Goofy and Patches, passed away.  Not sure why. They were 9 years old. Somehow in the apartment we got fleas even though they were indoor cats. We tried some things to get rid of the fleas but nothing worked very well. Both Kevin and I are crushed, hurting so badly.  They helped me get through my hysterectomy and so much else. I miss them so so so much.

I love them so much with all my heart. They will be in my heart always. They will be remembered always. RIP Patches RIP Goofy

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two American-born IDF Soldiers Killed in Gaza Fighting

Two American-born Israeli soldiers were killed during the first days of Gaza fighting between Israel and Hamas. Very sad.  My thoughts and prayers are with their families. May the loss of life be few during this war or fight in Gaza.

From the news:

Two American-born soldiers for the Israeli Defense Forces were killed in fighting in the Gaza Strip, their families confirmed Sunday. 
Stuart Steinberg confirmed the death of his Max Steinberg, 24, to The Associated Press on Sunday. Steinberg, whose family lives in Southern California's San Fernando Valley, was a sharpshooter for the Golani Brigade. He was one of 13 Israeli soldiers killed in fighting Sunday during the first major ground battle in two weeks of fighting between Israel and Hamas.
 Earlier Sunday, the IDF said in a statement that Sgt. Nissim Sean Carmeli, 21, was killed in combat in the Gaza Strip. Carmeli was from South Padre Island, Texas, said Deputy Consul General of Israel to the Southwest Maya Kadosh. She said Carmeli moved to Israel four years ago and added that the consulate helped his family get a flight there Sunday.
Late Sunday, the State Department also confirmed the soldiers' deaths, but made no further statement. 
You can read more about the two soldiers here