Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Unvarnished Muslim Roundup: Egypt Extremism, TLC's "All American Muslim" Imam Exposed, Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria, and Football Player Brutally Assaulted by...

First, we have an Egyptian Salafi leader stating that Egypt's Christians can be dealt with like the Jews of Medina. Obviously Yassir Al-Burhami didn't get the memo from the moderate Muslims in the West that talk of the jizya and making Christians submit as inferiors to Islamic law is out of bounds for Muslims to say and believe. Intolerance run amok... 

Yassir Al-Burhami said this: 
'Can the Christians of Egypt be compared to the Jews of Al-Medina? The case of the Jews of Al-Medina is one example of the relations between the Muslims and the infidels. The Muslims can implement any form of conduct used by the Prophet Muhammad. When the Prophet Muhammad was still in Mecca, he dealt with the infidels in a certain way, and when the Muslims are weak, they should deal with the infidels this way. "Refrain from action, pray, and pay the zakkat."'

Second, the Muslim extremist group called Boko Haram continues to wreak havoc across Nigeria.  In a recent violently deadly set of bombings across Nigeria that were committed by Boko Haram left at least 120 people dead in Kano.   

Because of all the violence panic has ensued and many Catholics and Christians are fleeing Northern Nigeria. 

From CNAAs many as 35,000 people have fled their homes in northern Nigeria after continuing attacks from the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. Their numbers include a large number of Catholics who report that churches have been destroyed.
“There is panic. Many just leave everything behind, and run for safety, because they do not know when violence might flare up again,” a source told Aid to the Church in Need on Jan. 24.

Churches have also been destroyed in Maidiguri in Borno and the city of Bauchi, in Bauchi state.

“It is the stated goal of Boko Haram to make the whole of the north free of Christians,” one source told Aid to the Church in Need.

At the beginning of January, Boko Haram spokesman Abu Qaqa gave Christians a three-day ultimatum to leave the area.

Refugees are headed to where they believe it is safe, especially the city of Jos.

Boko Haram’s name means “western education is sinful” in Nigeria’s Hausa language. The group has killed at least 935 people since its 2009 uprising, and more than 250 since the beginning of 2012, Human Rights Watch reports.

The Catholic bishops of Nigeria have decried the actions of the group.

Next, we have a group of football players from high school who beat the crap out of another high football player, kicking him so hard they gave him a concussion.  The police got involved and charged those who  brutalized the quarterback with assault.  Now the lawyers for the accused are crying ethnic profiling and claiming that the accused causing the victim to have a concussion after kicking the crap out of the football player is simply one of those 'skirmishes' in post play.  Here we have Muslims who beat the crap out of a Christian football player trying to play like they are the victims.  This Christianophobia needs to stop.  This placating Muslims like there some type of especially protected group in the U.S. has to stop. They need to realize they are obligated to live by the same rules as everyone else who lives in America.  This assault happened in the wonderful land of Detroit (sarcasm).  There is more on the Muslim high school students charged with assault here

TLC's "All American Muslim" Imam becomes unhinged again.  He spews venomous hatred towards Jews.  

Sheikh Husham Al-Husainy, who appeared on All-American Muslim, recently debated the author of The Deception of Allah, Christian Prince, and revealed his hatred of Jews and Israel. He said that soon Muslims will destroy Israel. Thus the All-American Muslim imam again shows his true colors. Remember, he melted down on Hannity in 2007 after praying an Islamic prayer cursing Jews and Christians at a Democratic National Committee meeting. And last December 14 here at Atlas I posted Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack's expose about this supposedly "moderate" imam. " 

"Imam Husham Al Husainy: soon the Islamic Army will attack Israel."

The so-called moderate Muslim Imam is exposed for the violence endorsing Muslim extremist that he really is. 


Bunkerville said...

Looks like a number of us our on the same page today. While the bickering of the candidates continue, none of this is getting reported. The world is decending into chaos and all I hear is the chattering of little people.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

There is no such thing as a moderate Muzloon!

Silverfiddle said...

Excellent roundup. All we can do is keep pointing this stuff out and hopefully more civilized people in the west will see that, as Paul Harvey used to say, it's not one world...

Matt said...

Well done Teresa. This is all info that needs to be out in the open. Daylight is always the best disinfectant, as the saying goes.