Monday, December 17, 2012

Which is More Offensive -- Midget or Little People?

Rep. Hank Johnson apologized for using the word midget during a speech on the House floor. Today, the term little people is seen as more appropriate to describe persons with dwarfism. Prior to this notion midget was considered an acceptable description of persons with dwarfism. Which term do you think is more offensive - little people or midget?  Personally, I think the term little people sounds more demeaning than the term midget. But neither word sounds good to me. It seems like some of persons with dwarfism prefer the word midget and others prefer the term little people. Is the term midget really like the N-word as Rep. Hank Johnson suggests?


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Teresa, write it off to liberal being stupid. He's the same guy that said Guam would capsize if too many people were on the island.

Lynn Benoit said...

Physical descriptions of human beings are a mine field thanks to liberals' political correctness. Being offended as became a popular hobby.

It seems to me that when talking about people with dwarfism, unless there is a real reason (such as designing accessable counter height, for instance) to point out their shortness, they ought not be called anything other than people.

For those who must label, neither midget nor little person sounds polite. How about calling a person with dwarfism a person with dwarfism?

Teresa said...

Very good points Lynn. I agree. Calling them persons with dwarfism makes sense.

Teresa said...

Yes, indeed Odie, liberal stupidity it is.

Ron Russell said...

I see little difference Teresa. Dwarfs, midget, or little people all mean the same just like gays, faggots and gueers. Serious I hate all so-called political correctness. With PC what's in vogue today is taboo tomorrow. I never try to offend anyone, but will not temper my remards to conform with comtemporary values. It's like trying to rewrite history to fit todays standard--not good.

Nate said...

Didn't you realize? Proactive-apology is one of the symptoms of rampant PC-itis.

'I'm sorry I offended you.'

"You didn't."

'Yes, I did.'
"No, really, you didn't."

'#!$#!@$#!!!, you're supposed to be offended, now be offended, you little #$!#@@!!!!!!'