Thursday, October 3, 2013

Brian Aitken possessed firearms legally did not break any laws but was sent to prison

First of all the judge is a stupid imbecile who needs to be stripped of his position as judge.  A massive injustice was committed and it wasn't about falling through the cracks but it looks like the judge did this intentionally and ignored laws. Second, let's help Brian have his case heard in front of the Supreme Court by buying his book. Third, this case should alarm any gun owner, especially those moving across state lines.  This whole situation is F*cked up (sorry about the language but this pisses me off, the fact that a moron judge abused his power). He screwed with someone's life and now Brian is unable to see his son. We need to make sure this type of malevolent injustice NEVER happens again. Thank goodness that Governor Christie commuted his sentence after Brian having served 4 months. 

From LibertyGlobe: 

Brian Aitken is a normal, law abiding citizen; at the time of his arrest he still had student loans, a wife and a young child. 
Everything changed when he was arrested and sent to serve time for something which was actually legal. 
While he was moving from Colorado to New Jersey, Brian was pulled over and had his vehicle searched despite not being suspected of a crime. In the car he had two locked, unloaded and legally purchased firearms. The law specifically outlines an exemption clause which allows the transportation of legally owned firearms while in the process of moving. During the trial, the jury even asked the judge 3 times if they could rule based on this law but the requests were denied! 
Brian was sentenced to 7 years for doing something that was legal, he was not breaking the law, he fell victim to a judge applying the rules how he saw fit. Thankfully, the governor of New Jersey released Brian early, but the NJ supreme court refuses to hear his case and his status as a convicted felon means he cannot see his son.
He is now raising money for a book through Indiegogo which he well then use the proceeds of to take his case to the US Supreme Court. No matter what side you are on in the gun control debate, this is a case of severe injustice.


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