Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Leviathan Run Amok

The IRS is a prime example of leviathan run amok. IRS employees abused their power when they targeted conservative groups. The IRS is a gigantic government agency with way too much power which enables and covers up criminal behavior. There needs to be substantial change and a reduction of power in the IRS. Rep. Dave Camp's legislation is a start. One of the proposed reforms in Camp's bill is a change to Internal Revenue Code 6103 which "would require the government to disclose to victims both the status of an investigation as well as its result, including the identity of the perpetrator." Currently, the same law that makes it illegal to leak confidential tax records also covers the butts of offenders who violate that same law.  That is friggin nonsensical. Corrupt to the core. And we're supposed to trust the IRS with the fair collection of Obamacare taxes?

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Rick Street said...

The IRS makes the S.S. look like pikers