Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean:Miss CA Keeps Her Crown

In the last few days I learned that it was left up to Donald Trump whether Carrie Prejean would keep her crown and stay as Miss CA. Last night Trump spoke on Greta Van Susteran's On The Record and stated that he had pretty much made his decision on whether Prejean would keep her crown or not. Trump had this somber tone to his voice so I thought he had decided to fire Miss CA.
Today it was made known all across the world that Carrie Prejean is going to indeed stay Miss California. I am glad that Donald Trump made the decision to keep Carrie as Miss CA because I don't think a person should be punished for their opinion. The pictures that were released in order to embarrass Carrie and destroy her career because of Perez Hilton and others disagreeing with her statement was appalling. She was just saying what she believes in, and in doing so stating marriage belongs between a man and a woman. Miss CA stated that this was what she was raised by her parents to believe and is following their example.Donald Trump stated in this day and age that the photos released of Carrie into the public were acceptable and did not cross the line. I think that both Donald Trump and Miss CA showed extraordinary class in this whole situation.
I am personally opposed to gay marriage and am open to debate on this topic. I am all for civil unions which does not require a sexual act or that being implied like gay marriage does. I say to anyone who disagrees with me let's debate this issue. Healthy debate is a very important part of our society and needs to be encouraged.


HeartfeltHeartLook said...

I think what was almost comical about all of this, is he asked the question but wanted his own answer. What's the point in asking the question?

Emily said...

I appreciate your blog. I found it after seeing your comment on the horrible pics of prisoners at Abu Graib. It's not that conservatives think this stuff is good, or acceptable. It's that we see the need to be very careful with the brush we paint with, and also that we undermine ourselves in the way we deal with this stuff. What's with all of the self-flagellating? Can't we just stop wasting time, fix this crap, and move on?

Teresa said...

I totally agree. Why would an organization like the ACLU want to put pictures out globally that would incite violence? Yes, What happened was wrong. Let's fix it and move on, instead of dwelling on the past. I think that every country has made mistakes at some point in history. To me this is no different.