Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reverence VS. Idolatry of the Powerful

Should people idolize individuals that are powerful in the world?

I think that sometimes as people we can look up to individuals who should be revered but it can turn into almost like an obsession or idolatry. As individuals we can look up to people who we believe are role models but should we follow and look up to these individuals like they are the be all and end all of everything? We should not put individuals on pedestals like they can do no wrong. We have to realize that everyone is human and can make mistakes and can give in to the temptations of evil in our society.

How exactly were you raised to look at your church leaders?

While growing up I was taught that the priests were like Jesus and in effect almost like Gods. In my opinion the priests are representatives called by God but not in and of themselves like Gods. Priests are in no way perfect. Priests are susceptible to sin just as much you and me. I think that we need to stop putting priests on pedestals and realize that they are human beings that can sin also. Jesus is omnipotent and an all powerful, infallible God but we must not perceive priests in this light. Priests strive to be like God but are not infallible like God.

Priests and other church leaders are great people who are leading others by their good examples, in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am friends with many priests and revere them but do not idolize them. I just think as individuals we must realize that these powerful individuals are human also and can also be tempted and even give in to sin. In my opinion powerful individuals must be revered but not idolized.

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