Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mark Levin: Rant on Conservatism; Slams GOP Establishment

This is a wonderful speech!! Levin is spot on!!

H/T TheRightScoop


John Carey said...

I heard this live Teresa. Let me tell you it actually fired me up. He's so right when he says that we as conservatives should not be so quick to surrender. Our ideology is a successful ideology that respects the individual and their liberties. Why should we be quick to say that conservatism can't work in the Northeast or California? We are we willing to just concede these areas. One it's not fair to the good people of these areas. We have a solid message that resonates so why should we throw up our hands and walk away. The answer is we shouldn't. NO MORE! Great post Teresa!

Chris W said...

I think he's right but the problem arises that the progressives and liberals have a narrower ideology, that being cradle to grave government, whereas conservatives cover a larger spectrum, anywhere from left-libertarians to neocons and everyone in between, and cannot pull together under a unified idea of what we want or need.

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

I starting to really like this guy. I haven't listened to him much, but what I;ve heard, I like!