Monday, September 20, 2010

SHOCKING VIDEO!! - So Much For Separation of Church & State When Islam is Involved

This is a shocking and most disturbing situation!! How dare Wellesley School lie or misrepresent the field trip to the parents.  This kinda crap has got to stop!! Any mention of God in our public schools is outlawed but yet this is allowed. Oh! NO!  This kind of indoctrination of our youth must stop!!  Stop the Islamization of America!! This is yet another reason to homeschool your kids.


The Born Again American said...

Thanks for holding their feet to the fire... Islam has no place in our society...

Liberty said...

I haven't seen any actual evidence for this happening. CNN posted this article:

which states that the kids were not urged to pray.

In any case, I think learning about other religions is a good thing, and it will help kids learn more about the plurastic nature of our country. That includes _all_ religions, Christianity and Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, without biases and with open, frank discussions about the differences between them- all without the government giving preference to one or the other. I am not sure how such a curriculum could be designed and written, but I know it can be done.

To the above poster (Born Again American) I would say: Islam has no place in our society?

Muslims live here. Hence, they have in a place in our society.

Amusing Bunni said...

Agreed, Teresa. This is the WORST.
I'm happy I don't have kids, the way things are going. It's really the end times. People need to read the Bibles, esp. Revelation. God Bless you and your loved ones, it's coming down fast now.

Anonymous said...

Yup! The end times are upon us. Let's all run to the hills and wait for the world to be wreathed in fire.

I mean, a school took an ill-advised class trip to a mosque. What could be a clearer sign of the impending apocolypse!

John Carey said...

Liberty it actually happened in May. One of the parents of the students was on a radio talk show this am.

Long time ago in a galaxy far far away I did read the Koran in an attempt to understand their faith. I must say it was quite enlightening. Now understand I am for religious freedom in our great country but not when a religion believes it is the master religion and we're nothing but infidels that basically have two choices; convert to Islam or be destroyed.

This is not a religion of tolerance but intolerance based on antiquated cultural practices and in America we're about respecting the religions of others. Live and let live; however this is not Islam's charter.

Their mission is to convert or destroy there is no middle ground contrary to what the MSM and a number of politicians are trying to sell us. There is really no such thing as a moderate Muslim; it is a myth. They’re using our ignorance of Islam against us, and many are being manipulated by a faith that believes the ends justify the means. Now you might say that what I say is hate speech, but before you pass judgment think about the answer to this question. What religion is currently fighting Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists throughout the world? The answer is Islam.

Ask yourself this Liberty; would we have tolerated the concept of Hitler's master race in this country? No! Because it would be morally wrong to take such a position. No race is superior to another; we are all God’s children each with unique gifts. So why would we treat a religion that believes it is the master religion of the world any different? Think about that and then ask yourself if we should be tolerant of a faith that has displayed nothing but intolerance towards us and our way of life in America. That’s my two cents for what it is worth. Great post Teresa! Sorry for being so long winded.

The Watcher said...

Liberty -
I find it extremely hard to believe those kids weren't invited (as your link suggests) to participate in prayer. A great many Muslims have proven how seriously they take their faith, and to have 'infidels' (non-Muslims) 'playing at praying' would likely upset them, unless the 'infidels' had been invited.

Secondly, there are curricula which teach plenty about the various religions in the world - at the college level they're called 'comparative religion courses' - and the bulk of the teaching comes from textbooks and class handouts. Five or so minutes of participation in a worship service doesn't teach anyone anything.

Thirdly - and this from a theological perspective - is that these kids participated in worship. Worship of whichever Deity you believe in is an intensely personal and sacred act - you are communing with your god. Having these kids participate in prayer - invited or not - cheapened the act of prayerful worship, and I would say that if they prayed to Allah, Yahweh, Jesus or Vishnu.

What they were taught, IMO, is that prayer doesn't mean anything.

(sorry I took up so much space)

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I believe that all of the schools administrators and teachers involved in this farce, be fired.

Further more, and priest that supports Islam should be excommunicated. If people would learn the history of Islam and knew its background, they would not be so eager to support it.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


This is very hard to stomach. I agree with you and the Mother narrated in the video.

But what bothered me even more (you probably know where I am going) is the American wing of the Roman Catholic Church.

What the good Father does and says are two different things and that is called HYPOCRISY. When oh when will the leadership of either that of the Vatican or that of the Cardinals in the U.S. get a backbone and declare this montrosity for what it is?!?!?!

There can be no peace, no comprimise no co-exsistance with the devil!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Everyone involved should be fired, right away. That priest should be sentenced to hell-- uh, I mean excommunicated. The Vatican must declare war on Islam, because I demand it!

There can be no compromise, no co-existence, no peace! We must attack Islamic countries now! They are the DEVIL!!!

The end is nigh! Read Revelation. The world will come to an end because five or six middle school kids foolishly took part in Muslim prayers on a bad school field trip in Boston!

Gee. Overreact much?

But seriously, all of this sounds sane and rational. Really. It does.

Liberty said...

Anon- you gave me a good laugh today. Thanks. I needed it. :D I'm a big fan of sarcasm. LOL

John- regardless of the temper of the Qur'an, we cannot condemn an entire sect of people (1.5 billion) because of it. Our government can only go after people when they actually do something agaisnt the laws of our land (in our land, BTW), not before merely based on their religion.

"So why would we treat a religion that believes it is the master religion of the world any different?"

I would also remind that you that Christianity believes much the same. We believe that if you don't come God's way, you will be consigned to punishment for it. That sounds pretty intolerant, if you look at it like that. Let's not judge another religion on this basis when another does much the same thing, hmm? ;)

The Watcher- I can definitely agree with that. I don't think the prayer to Allah should have occurred. I think it's stupid because, as you said, five minutes of prayer isn't going to teach anything. It was not thought out completely by the people who did this. But if it did indeed occur in May...why are we still throwing a fit about it? It's over.

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. In fact, I'll say it until I die - these people are NOT our friends, and we are going to "tolerate" ourselves right out of our culture. We are in serious trouble. We are in a war and no-one recognizes the danger. What the heck is going on in America?!

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

Liberty - you are either very niave, or you are a moron. I'm not sure which. Learning about religion is one thing, being exposed to indoctinizing propaganda is quite another. And to generalize about religions, with no regard for what those religions espouse is both dangerous and irresponsible. You need to do some deep research into Islam, what they stand for, and why that particular religion is being exported throughout the world and is the fastest growing religion at this time in history. It is NOT because they are a "peaceful" people. And you, being a woman, have the most to lose! I'll pray you, and people like you, come to your senses before you are subjected in any way to the religion of Islam. God watch over you...

Teresa said...

The Born Again - Where are the moderates? I see very few moderate Muslims. There are many that cloak themselves as "moderates" but in all actuality are really radicals or supporters of radicals cause or the radical way of life. I see evidence of only about 5% of Muslims truly being peaceful moderates.

Liberty - Whether they were urged or allowed there is pretty much no difference. This was a school function that was misrepresented and this is known to be a mosque which has and funds radical Islamists. The problem is the misrepresentation by the school admin and them taking away the parents option or right to refuse that their child to attend this field trip to a mosque based on religious objections. This was supposed to be a trip viewing the architecture and not praying in any fashion. You know full well if the school tried taking students to a church for any reason there would be outrage and hell to pay from the secularists and liberal community.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,

Your right. This is bad. I can't imagine having kids right now and having to protect them from all this evil in the world. End times, maybe? Ya never know. It's bad but hopefully we can reverse the cycle soon. God Bless and have a wonderful week :)

Teresa said...


This among many, many other things is why our society is going to pot. We need to bring God, morality, and values back into our society. Islam and Allah is the essence of intolerance and we need to fight against the Islamization of America.

Teresa said...


I'm not sure why it took til now for this to cross through the internet and blogosphere. If it had to do with a Christian Church you can be damn skippy that we would have heard the outrage from the liberal media immediately. It's kinda weird since Muslims really hate secularism and all that liberals stand for. Libs support of Muslims is going to come back and bite them in the a$$ in the end if they don't wake up from Dhimmiville.

Loved your rant!

Teresa said...

The Watcher,

You make some excellent points about Islam and learning about the various religions.

Most Rev. Gregori,

They definitely need to be reprimanded for lying or misrepresenting the field trip to the parents.

Anonymous said...

@ Hoping the Blind Will See

Oh, that's sweet-- saying you'll pray for Liberty not long after calling her a moron.

Pat her on the head and tell her what a good person you are...

@ Teresa

I won't argue against bringing morality back to American society-- although when I look at places other than Hollywood and a lot of sports, I don't see immorality spilling out onto streets all that much. But hey, maybe I'm not looking in the right places like you are.

If you want to put God into private things, that's your perrogative and more power to you. I would prefer that you not try to institute your religious beliefs as the national religion, however.

But you know I hear a lot about the Islamization of America and such. Have the percentage of Islamic immigrants (legal and illegal) increased significantly in the past 10 years? I honestly don't know, but I don't see significantly more Muslims then I used to. Yet, I keep being told that they're out there ready to take over America and corrupting our governmant, and culture, and religion, and ready to stone my wife and children or something.

Teresa said...


It is sickening to see.

Unforunately, Boston College is in Lib country and liberals pretty much run that college. But, just try and remmeber Traditional Catholicism is on the rise.

"There can be no peace, no comprimise no co-exsistance with the devil!"

I totally agree!!

Teresa said...

Hoping the Blind Will See,

Your right "tolerance" is going to be the downfall of America. Tolerance of evil is unacceptable. What do you expect when we have Obama who is willing to negotiate with Achmadinutjob?!? We have a leader who sees his political opposition more like the enemy than the real enemy who is trying to kill us from abroad (and maybe within).

Matt said...

You should be honored, Teresa. Some libs have stopped by to "cure" you of the ability to see reality.

What would we do without them stopping by our blogs show us the errors of truth and freedom?

Anonymous said...

You're not talking about me, are
you Matt?

If not, then ignore the rest of this comment-- or just ignore it anyway. Makes no difference.

Now what I have said that's liberal? That I'm against a federal religion? That's s liberal position, is it? Or was it when I suggested that this incident at the mosque might not be a sign of the looming apocolypse? Is predicting the end times now part of the Tea Party platform? Then why shouldn't we spend ourselves into oblivion? What difference would it make?

Amusing Bunni said...

The end times is different than the apop.
Some trolls just don't have a clue.
Obviously this tard doesn't read the Bible.
I doubt he could read See Spot Run.

I don't usually reply to trolls, but this thread is funny!

Anonymous said...

Me never read Bible.. Me no understand... Words too hard... Can't look... hurts eyes... I'll just go back to reading the Koran, the Vedas, the Vinaya Pitaka, The Gospel of Thomas, whatever...

I'm not sure what "apop" is (apoplectic?), but I'll just assume you're talking about "apocalypse"

Now the way I understand it-- and I'm sure you're a theological expert Bunni-- is that "the end times" are immediately prior to the Second Coming, while the apocalypse, strictly speaking, is a prophetic revelation, or one of the late Jewish/early Christian texts that usually has an expectation of cataclysm and end of the world stuff in it.

I should remember that I'm dealing with celebrated theologians named Amazing Bunni, Hoping the Blind Will See, and stuff. So, I am so sorry for using "apocalypse" by its common usage. I'm sure you were very confused there. Yeah... I'm such a clueless tard.

By the way, what exactly is the definition of a troll? I thought it had something to do with Media Matters, the OFA, etc. hiring people to post Democrat propaganda on conservative blogs. I'm not hired by anybody, and I'm amused that you consider me liberal.

But I guess anybody that doesn't believe that the Islam is the "DEVIL!" and that bad Mass. field trips don't signify the apocalypse-- oh, whoops-- the beginning of the end times-- must be a liberal. In fact I must be a Marxist. Right?

Well, back to plotting the overthrow of the bourgeoisie...

cube said...

If there are any moderate moslems, they're in hiding because they don't want to be decapitated by the rest of their faith.

I know enough about islam to know that they don't play well with others. There is no coexisting.