Sunday, January 30, 2011



Opus #6 is in love with this cute doggie 

Sig94 explains why Obama doesn't pass the stink test

JR says that Congress is considering passing an internet "kill switch" 

Andrew33 posts on Lt. Col. Allen West's first town Hall 

Always On Watch shows us Great moments in liberal history.

Hoping the Blind Will See posted The American Experiment

Barking Spider posts on the fact that the Hawaii Governor has failed to locate Obama's birth certificate.

Bungalow Bill on the how the Republican establishment hates the tea party

Bluegrass Pundit tells us Obamacare may actually leave more people without insurance

Quite Rightly posts Excellent News On Sudan

LL asks True or False? 

Common Cents has posted the list of Obamacare waivers 

Christopher has posted an Abbreviated version of the SOTU.

Conservative Scalawag informs us that John Conyers calls for more Jim Crow

Patrick Archbold posts on the lib media thinking that Exorcism movies are a right wing plot

Tito Edwards shows us the new trailer "There Be Dragons" 

DeanO has posted a Great Political cartoon

The_Kid explains why Gun control is evil and brain-dead

Jamie Jeffords shows us Mila Kunis 

Fuzzy Slippers posts The SOTU in a nutshell 

EHVOGEL shows us that Only Reagan does Reaganesque 

Hack Wilson posts on The State of the "union" 

Innominatus shows us Yet another reason to avoid Portland 

Matt explores the Intent of Obamacare

Just a Conservative Girl says there are No easy answers in Egypt 

 Supi shows us a couple of Great videos 

Rational Nation USA asks Who's the "bubble head" now? 

Left-footer posts on St. Joan of Arc and poses a question for pacifists. 

Lone Star Parson posts on A Retreat.

Robot asks Are you smarter than an elected official? 

Watch Dog asks Have American teachers moved "to the Left" of Obama?  

Obama Cartoons shows us that Egypt is at its tipping point

Eman states that Obama's SOTU is tantamount to plagiarism

Jill posts on Oddballs and the blob  

Randy-g says that we need to Keep a close eye on this Muslim brother 

Matt asks Does Government exist to protect rights or to grant them? 

John Carey shows us Bill Whittle's conservative response to the State of the Union 

Reaganite Republican posts that Obama secretly schemed with Egyptian opposition 

Right Wing Extreme reveals the Horrors of global warming propaganda

Euripedes posted Andrew Klavan: highway to hell, leftist remix edition 

STOP MARXISM posted It is time to cut up the national credit card 

Maggie highlights Egyptian women in her rule 5 posting 

Father Dwight Longenecker posts on Superstition and the supernatural 

Cube posts on the 25th Anniversary of the Challenger tragedy 

The Conservative Lady informs us that Sen. Jim DeMint has introduced legislation to repeal Obamacare 

Samuel Gonzalez posted Tourists besiege Cairo Egypt airport 

Kevin has posted on his New passion for energy psychology - EFT 

The Watcher has a Question on the moral decline of America 

The Right Guy posts A hero of the left: a monster to the rest of us 

TOTUS posts Friend or foe, dictatorship or democracy 

Trestin posts on Frank and Dodd 10 

Bob Belvedere posts Egypt: The dark side of the loons 

LD Jackson posts on Harry's Law and the liberal agenda 

Woman Honor Thyself posts Se-x Defines us

Woodsterman posts It must be beer thirty ...

Proof posts that the TSA has put an end to the private screening program

Chris W posts that Arizona is taking on birthright citizenship 

Amusing Bunni invites you to her Comedy club 

The Other McCain posts Herman Caine attends Koch brothers meeting, causes left-wing freak out 

Pamela Geller posts on Obama's Carter moment 

KingShamus shows us that Robert Redford is a hypocrite 

Via Instapundit Andrew Romano of The Daily Beast posts Palin kills it in gun country 


Randy-g said...

The largest and one of the best linkarounds I have ever seen Teresa, thank you for including me.

Amusing Bunni said...

HI Teresa, I agree with Randy! You did such a SUPER job with this. Thanks so much for adding me to your great list, and the video's are beautiful too.
Have a Blessed Sunday night.

John Carey said...

Thanks for the link Teresa. You have a great round up here. I know it took a great deal of work to compile such a list. keep up the great work.

Opus #6 said...

T, you are awesome! Thanks so much for the link.

LD Jackson said...

Cool videos, Teresa. Thanks for including me in your link roundup.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks again kind Lady for including the "Silly One" in your great list.

Bob Belvedere said...

-What Randy wrote, squared.

-A belated thank you for the linky love, Tere.

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