Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How do you solve a problem like the low information voter?

Should we use the same type of philosophy and techniques as Christians or Jews do with unbelievers? How do we get the unthinkers to critically think? How do we connect with the gullible who believe what the MSM says? Those who believe the popular, majority opinion just cause? How do we effectively reach out to those who believe in big government and show them that common sense, liberty loving, limited government principles are in their best interest?
Mind Numbed Robot has some great insight on the state of our country and on paternal despotism and the low information voter: 

Like many of my fellow Awakened Americans, I was blessed to spend time over the holidays with family and friends, some whom belong to the less informed or ill-informed among us whose only news sources are the alphabet networks or random conversations with know-it-all leftists parroting the daily talking points. These encounters mainly serve to reinforce what I already perceive about our left-leaning opposition but at times shed some light on otherwise unthought-of nuances in the mindset of many leftists who at times exhibit the mental capacity of your common house plant or the occasional bird bath, but perhaps I’m being too harsh with house plants.CONTINUED 
This is my comment to bot's post:

The low information claims to be apolitical or not interested in politics but then they are political by choosing to believe statism over liberty. They don’t do the necessary research to understand the politics behind government policies or the human effects statism has had in the world. Or they think it will be different here in America. But for some reason the low information voter trusts those who give them handouts and sells their intelligence and souls to the statists who would give so little to them but take so much from everyone. If low information voters would only use the brains that God gave them to use. Oh yea, progressives and low information voters believe lets keep God out of everything, He has nothing to do with who I am today. He holds me down with his morality keeping me from doing as I please. I have come to find out that these people have had an issue with authority figures in their lives and that is the reason that they don’t want any moral boundaries in their lives or refuse to listen to God. Yet, these low information voters have pretty much made these statists out to be their Gods. Yet, one of God’s Commandments is to not worship false Gods or idols. The low information voters are the ones who are greedy and selfish, not the business owners in this country (at least for the most part, there are always a few bad apples in the lot). Oh my heavens I can’t believe I ranted that much. God Bless Bot. 

One way we that we can reduce the number of low information voters is to reform our education system and get people who believe in conservative/libertarian principles to be teachers at all the levels of schools. But somehow we need to reach the young adults on up who are raising the next generation(s) of voters.


The Conservative Lady said...

You have a good response to Bot's post.
I added my thoughts, too. Just that I think the low info voters are also lazy. They're willing to give away their freedom because it's easier than taking responsibility and thinking for themselves.

Doom said...

The Constitution pretty much tended that. I think if we simply applied it, and yes I would take it across the board over what we have today, then most problems would simply fade into the dark memory hole. Definitely the ones we face, including having troops everywhere.

It isn't ignorance, alone. It is a number of things, including not having a stake in the treasury inputs, or caring about the outputs or balance sheet. But I think gender is also an issue.

Sure, there are conservative women... But... what exactly would be the real ratio? That was accounted for by the original framers, who took from the playbook of God, actually.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Kennedy is correct. There was a Constitutional scholar on Glenn Beck a couple of days ago, and he told Glenn that in the 2012 election, 70% or more of all those who voted, were totally ignorant of the Constitution. That is really scary.