Thursday, February 7, 2013

Struggling so... Here are Zoo Babies

I am having a really rough time emotionally with the hysterectomy, the introduction of hormones to my system, and the lack of hormones so here are some cute baby animals for anyone who needs to take a break from the hustle and bustle, and the stress of life.

Three Siberian tigers were recently born in good health at Circus Renaissance in The Netherlands. There are now twelve Siberian tigers in total at the circus.

 A four-hour-old baby rhino was born to its mother, Tanda, on June 15 at an open-air zoo near 
Tel Aviv, Israel.

Cheetah keeper Gil Myers held a one-month-old female cheetah cub at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. The cub was delivered via a rare caesarian section. According to theWashington Post, only two of the four-cub litter survived what the newspaper termed a dramatic delivery..

A female Baringo giraffe calf, born March 22 at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo, stayed close to her mother in the Carter Giraffe Building, in New York. The calf recently made its debut in the zoo's African Plains and was approximately 6 feet tall and over 100 pounds at birth. As an adult, she could eventually grow to 16 feet and weigh 2,600 pounds.

Seven-week-old Java leopards Arjuna (left) and Sri Kandi are pictured during their official presentation at the Tierpark Zoo in Berlin, Germany, on March 5, 2012. The mother of the two cubs, Shinta, was born at the Taman Safari park in Indonesia.

A baby kangaroo pokes its head out of the pouch of its mother, Skippy, at the Franklin Park Zoo.
Baby kangaroos, born the size of a jellybean, do not start to peek out of their mothers' pouches until they reach the age of six months. They leave the pouch when they are between seven and ten months old. This is the first joey at the zoo since 2005.

A one-month-old polar bear cub named Siku (Greenlandic for "sea ice") stretched out on the lap of Frank Vigh-Larsen, director of the Zoo in Skandinavisk Dyrepark in Djursland, Denmark. Siku was born in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park and was taken in for care and bottle feeding when his mother was unable to produce milk.

A group of panda cubs napped earlier this week at a nursery in the research base of the Giant Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu, located in China's Sichuan Province. China is trying to determine how many of the endangered animals live in the wild with its once-in-a-decade panda census. The last count found 1,596 pandas left in the wild, with the majority in Sichuan.

A baby Asian elephant clung to its mother Azizah two days after its birth at Whipsnade Zoo near Dunstable, southern England. The calf was the smallest elephant ever born at the zoo.

There are more zoo babies here


The Conservative Lady said...

Teresa, I'm sorry to hear this news. I will keep you in my prayers.
The baby animals are precious. Thanks for sharing these photos. Made me smile.

Opus #6 said...

So cute. I want to take the polar bear cub home.

I pray for your health and happiness, T.

Teresa said...

Thank you very much TCL and Opus.

Today I broke down crying in my doctor's office and by what I said my doc told me that I'm being too hard on myself. He made me an offer I cannot refuse. I've talked to a few people and they say I need to focus on me for awhile. As much as I hate the idea of going on disability I think I need to do this for me. My doc said if someone was to look at me they would think that I'd be fine but I'm not on the inside. I've never gone through something like this, this hard and have never felt this way before. I guess I need more time than I thought to work through this.

God Bless.

Teresa said...

clarification: disability for 6-12 months, just temporarily.

William Teach said...

It's a bundle of cuteness overload!

Feel better, teresa!

Always On Watch said...

Awwwwww! I don't know which photo is the most precious. I will say that I'm partial to baby elephants and baby giraffes. In fact, I've made a few trips to the National Zoo just to see the baby elephants and baby giraffes.

Bunkerville said...

Thanks for the lift! Great post.