Friday, May 3, 2013

Quick Links -- Bunni Has Passed Away - God Rest Her Soul

I haven't been feeling so well lately.  I've been experiencing some pretty extreme pain and my shakes or shakiness in my arms and hands has gotten worse, and its just been harder for me to think lately so I'm going to post some links.

Conservative Hideout 2.0 -- Dick's Sporting Goods Stops Selling AR-15's, Stock Suffers 

The Blog -- Cat Blog Friday 

The Other McCain -- Jeff. G. Heroically Resists

Creative Minority Report -- Gonzaga Relents on KofC  

Adrienne's Corner -- Bishop Tobin to Catholics of Rhode Island on "Gay Marriage" ...

The Camp Of The Saints -- Howie Putz and the New Math

Bunkerville -- Bill Ayers Friend Added to FBI Most Wanted 

Sentry Journal -- Democrats are getting nervous about 42 percent ... 

My Daily Trek -- Cats VS. Dogs: A New Bullying Epidemic? Huffpost Mashup 

American Perspective -- Our Dear Friend Bunni Passed Away Sunday April 28, 2013 Updated w pics of Bunni 

Here is a prayer for the dead, for Bunni who passed away at the beginning of the week.

God our Father, 
Your power brings us to birth, 
Your providence guides our lives, 
and by Your command we return to dust.

Lord, those who die still live in Your presence, 
their lives change but do not end. 
I pray in hope for my family, 
relatives and friends, 
and for all the dead known to You alone. 

In company with Christ, 
Who died and now lives, 
may they rejoice in Your kingdom, 
where all our tears are wiped away. 
Unite us together again in one family, 
to sing Your praise forever and ever.


In honor of Bunni here is a funny cat video.

In honor of Bunni here is a video of baby white tiger cubs.

RIP Bunni  


MayaAyala said...


Opus #6 said...

T, Bunni was Catholic and I'm sure your prayers mean a lot to her. God Bless you with good health and a long life of happiness. I will link your post on my Bunni page.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We all miss Bunni. You get well young lady.

Did you know Bunni had a secret blog that was passworded? It was called REV CAROL. I had the password and she had the password to my secret blog called "Woodsterman Practice" which isn't secret anymore. True Story ... don't tell anyone.

John Carey said...

Amen Teresa.

Teresa said...

Thank you for the link Opus. I really appreciate your prayers. God Bless.

Thanks for the well wishes Odie. Hopefully I'll get some answers as to what's causing my health problems on Tuesday when I see a new specialist.

patricia pledger said...

While she willed be missed by those of us on earth, God will enjoy her beautiful presence every day. God bless you Teresa and you are in my prayers.

Teresa said...

Thank you for your prayers Patricia. God Bless.

Subvet said...

God rest her soul.

cube said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. My prayers are for your speedy recovery.

I didn't know Bunni long, but from reading her blog, I'm sad to hear of this dear woman's passing.

Bunkerville said...

Thanks for the link. Sorry to hear you are not in the pink.

This Maddening World said...

Am I wrong, but didn´t the president of the United States call the deaths of these men "bumps in the road"!!! How Shameful Can He Be!!

Teresa said...

Amen Subvet!

Teresa said...

Thank you for your prayers Cube. Yes, it is sad indeed.

Teresa said...

My pleasure Bunkerville.

Teresa said...

The Maddening World,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, he is shameful. Yes, he did call their deaths "bumps in the road". Bumps in the road to his re-election? If we had honest news reporting there wouldn't have been any chance for Obama to be re-elected. He is an utter disgrace.