Saturday, July 13, 2013

Racial 'Justice' for Trayvon: Only Reason for George Zimmerman Trial

There was no case. There is still no case. The only reason George Zimmerman was put on trial for the death of Trayvon Martin is because the race hustlers made it all about race. These people don't want justice for Trayvon, they are propagating vigilantism. Will the color of a person's skin, not being black, get a person convicted? We'll see....  These people don't care about the law. Here is a great article by Dr. Keith Ablow.

The George Zimmerman trial would never have garnered national attention if a white man had shot a white teenager in a white neighborhood where a neighborhood watch group had sprung up. The trial has dominated headlines because it taps into a theme that continues to rivet Americans:  The ways that race and gender continue to determine whether we think of people different from us as equal or trustworthy.
When experts and trial watchers debate whether Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman and how extensive Zimmerman's head injuries were, they are actually attempting an analysis of Zimmerman's soul to determine whether enough prejudice lurked there to lead him to kill Martin when he did not need to. They are attempting to determine, the great and late Zionist philosopher Martin Buber might have said, whether Zimmerman was viewing Martin through an I-THOU lens or an I-IT lens. Did he see Martin as fully human or something less than human?  


Always On Watch said...

Will Obama's DOJ now go after Zimmerman on civil rights violations?

I've also heard a lot of chatter about a civil suit (wrongful death).

Were I Zimmerman, I'd move to another country. Seriously.

Teresa said...

I'm not sure how civil cases work but I would think that the not guilty verdict on the basis of self-defense would come into play. I can see the black hustlers convincing the Martin Family to file a civil suit. Holder might but at least it sounded like Obama accepted the verdict so who knows...

I don't think there is anywhere safe in the U.S. for him to stay so moving to another country may be his only option if he wants to continue living. Totally agree AOW.

Wishing you and yours blessings this Sunday.