Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ted Nugent Responds To Stevie Wonder Florida Boycott


The Most Interesting Man in the World said...

To heck with Stevie Wonder,
This is not the first time that Stevie Wonder acted like a jerk. He had once canceled a performance in Israel over public pressure and his position with the United Nations. Stevie Wonder is a worthless Arab lover…. Nothing like siding with the instigator of the WAR and violence… he should have went to Israel in support of the underdogs who have been attacked for centuries by these women hating, Jew hating bigots. Stevie is just an hypocrite and a closet Anti-Semite who blamed Israel for defending themselves.

On another note:

Obama yesterday repeated the lie that all of these scandals are phony. It's obvious he's sounding just about as tone-deaf as Anthony Weiner. It was almost like listening to Weiner make excuses for his conduct. Obama went even further by claiming that they're all made up. It's not as if he admitted to all of them being terrible and that he was personally going to get to the bottom of them. Now he wants to act like they're all fake. For the next week every Democrat spokesperson will repeat over and over the phrase "Phony Scandals".

Instead of making people forget about them it has rejuvenated the criticisms of them.

I think Obama is currently at the stage that Weiner was at before proof surfaced of his involvement. Eventually he will be caught, just like Carlos Danger, and have to face the music. Then he'll act like it's not so bad and hope we all give him another chance

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I think Stevie Wonder's statement is foolish and naive. He doesn't understand [like most mouth breathers lately] the first thing about the Stand Your Ground provision, nor the legal premise for the justifiable use of deadly force in self defense.

But I'm equally embarrassed that Ted Nugent holds himself up as a defender of civil liberties and 2A rights. He's a clown and does our cause more harm than good.

Teresa said...

I hear you Most Interesting Man. Stevie Wonder is a good singer but a lousy excuse for a human being. Yep, the Liar-in-Chief was at it again. Unfortunately most of the press aid and abet his lying and corruption.

Thank you for comment.

Teresa said...

I agree with everything in your first paragraph Constitutional Insurgent.

I think Ted Nugent is a good voice and a worthy contributor for defending the 2nd amendment. He may be a loud mouth but I disagree with him being classified as a clown and doing more harm than good.

Thanks for comment.

Opus #6 said...

What a breath of fresh air. Nugent's words heal my wounded soul. I hurt watching our country deteriorate and knowing there are people like you and Ted Nugent sharing this great land gives me hope for our future.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"He may be a loud mouth but I disagree with him being classified as a clown and doing more harm than good."

Fair enough, though I do hope you're aware of his past statements on record, since you seem to be willing to stand by them.

Nugent was also involved in a self promoted story of his "firearms training Seals and Secret Service", which was categorically false. He doesn't seem to have many allies in the military community after that.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Stevie Wonder, get a life.

Ducky's here said...

Boy, talk about a couple of useless has beens.