Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eagle Freedom Links 10-31-10 -- Halloween Style Part 2

Goomba News Network posts music in support of Christine O'Donnell and is pissed and the rationality of anger.

America! Oh How We'll Miss You! shows us a worthwhile endeavor.

Conservative Perspective posts on the absurd with regards to Iran and the U.N.

Creative Minority Report reveals another Obama LIE.

DeanO posts Remember in November.

Let The Truth Be Known has been posting a series called Yes Virginia, there are monsters.

Maggie's Notebook posts on Good Witches and Bad Witches.

Mind Numbed Robot posts on Halloween in Texas.

Pathetically Incorrect shows us about sick dems and voter fraud. 

Reaganite Republican posts on the Projector-in-Chief in fine form on the stump.

Woodsterman shows us a girl on a bike.

The Conservative Hideout posts on Violence, the Left's propaganda, the truth and a righteous rant.

Video H/T The Deacon's Bench


Maggie Thornton said...

Very cool video! Trick or Treaters would love walking up a house like that. Teresa, thanks for linking. I really appreciate it. I promise I will get back to doing so as soon as the hacking is resolved. The hacker's IP host today says they believe they have stopped them, so we'll see....

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks Teresa ... That's quite a video. I think I have that house as a video done up for Christmas.