Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Blog Bet: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers

Eman, one of my all-time favorite bloggers, is a huge Packers fan and I am a pretty big Steelers fan.  I had never been into football, until I moved to Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh spirit is electric, spreads like wildfire, and before I knew it I was watching football games and cheering for the Steelers.  Eman had proposed that we have a friendly blog bet on which team wins the Super Bowl and I thought it would be fun but since he has been too busy or for some other reason he didn't end up proposing a specific bet I am proposing a couple ideas now. 

Idea 1: How about the winner picks 6 players for the loser to highlight over a period of 2 weeks? 

Idea 2: How about the loser creates a you tube video praising and highlighting the winning team?  

Those are the two ideas I came up with so if anyone else has any suggestions they will be much appreciated. 

My mother started watching football about the same time that I did but she is a Baltimore Raven's fan.  In a recent conversation with her my mom didn't want to hear anything about the Steelers playing in the Super Bowl which I think is totally hilarious.  My mom has sour grapes because her team didn't make it to the Super Bowl.  My mom said that she is going to be rooting for the Packers.  All I have to say to my mom is HA! HA! HA!  My Steelers made it to the Super Bowl.  That's okay.... The Steelers are ready to kick some Packers butts.  Steelers are awesome!  If they win, this will be the Steelers seventh Super Bowl win.  The Steelers are READY to WIN the SUPER BOWL! 



Amusing Bunni said...

Oh, Teresa, I know you like your steelers, being from there, but I have to root for the Packers, even though they beat the Bears!

Why, you ask? Because I CAN"T STAND that QB Rothlesberger, he is a pig, so misogynistic, and a real asshole, sorry, but that's my opinion.
If the steelers loose, it will be the curse of that bum!
Don't hate me

On the up side, you should love the Packers because they beat the Bears, and that meant obummer didn't go to the Superbowl and spoil it for America!

Good Luck.

Supi said...

I feel for the fans trying to fly into Dallas.

Teresa said...


Its weird but I don't really pay attention to any other team but the Steelers until the playoffs, and even then I couldn't care much as long as the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl.

Believe me many in Pittsburgh weren't very happy with Ben Rothlesberger. Actually I think he's overrated. I like Charlie Batch. But, I don't think Ben making one mistake makes him misogynistic. The second accusation was so obviously made up and false that I don't know whether the girl was craving attention or what but the facts came out and cleared Ben.

No hate.... Football is a sport and people like different teams. This is all good competitive fun.

Have a great night :)

Teresa said...


It is really weird how it snowed and the temps are so cold in Dallas now. I hope everybody makes it to the Super Bowl safe & sound.

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi Teresa:
It's always fun when your local team is in the big game. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. We're having a little get together at our house and TCGuy is hoping the Packers win. As for me, it doesn't matter who wins as long as I win the pool (only kidding). I just hope everyone going to the game gets there and home safely, and that it's a competitive game...not a snoozer.

Randy-g said...

You do know the "one" has put the kiss of death on the Steelers....

John Carey said...

I'm going with the Steelers!

LL said...

As a Steelers fan, I back your pack, Teresa!

Eman said...

Ok… I’m back. My wife was taken to the hospital in the midst of the blizzard last Wednesday and I have been very focused on her needs, so that is my reason for not being here until today. The lovely and gracious Ms. Graff is much better and could be back to her routine by early next week.

Here is my counter proposal for this historic meeting of two of the most storied franchises sports has to offer: If the Steelers win (gulp) I will work to serve lunch and dinner at a local food kitchen not far from me. While there I will wear Steelers cloths or at least their colors and will have to say “The Steelers are NFL Champions” once an hour. In addition I will send to Mr. and Ms. Rice, a care package filled with real Wisconsin Cheeses and Sheboygan Grand Champion Bratwurst made from the Grand Champion pig from this summers Sheboygan County fair. Those brats are in my freezer and they are the best I have ever had, and I’ve had one or two.
But wait: that’s not all!! All of this will be added to a gift my wife and I had been planning to send to our Pittsburg. This gift will be sent regardless of outcome and may be increased should I get lucky in any of the football pools I’ve invested in. I don’t gamble very much but I could not resist this opportunity.
These things I will do should The Pack get Sacked by your Steelers: So Help Me God!

Eman said...

Sorry...Should have read: "All of this will be added to a gift my wife and I had been planning to send to our Pittsburg pals."

Teresa said...


I am so sorry to hear about your wife's troubles. I am glad to hear that she is doing better :) Family is most important so you focusing on her needs is proper. The lovely Mrs. Graff is very lucky to have you, a man who is wonderful, compassionate, dedicated, God-loving, caring and thoughtful taking care of her.

I am looking forward to the game and hope it is very competitive. Your counter proposal is magnificent! Very thoughtful indeed! But, what about if the Steelers lose?

May God's healing touch come upon Mrs. Graff. God Bless you and yours Eman.

John Galt said...

The Steelers are Randian. Go Steelers, Teresa!

Teresa said...


Enjoy the Super Bowl! I hope the game isn't a snoozer either.

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

Thanks John Carey, LL, and John Galt.


Eman said...

If the Steelers lose, well, I think I'll just let that sink in a bit.... Then you can post on your blog that Green Bay is the better team.

Those words coming from You Ms. Rice, are payment enough.

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