Monday, February 28, 2011

Union Sexual Vulgarity and Assaultery

Here are two angles showing a union thug assaulting a Tea Party protester. Then, the policemen lets the union thug get away.  I hope the policeman is reprimanded for dereliction of duty.

Now, we have a video showing a union thug making a 'tea bag' threat against a Tea Partier.

These children need to be given a time out for all their tantrums.  They need to be taught a lesson in responsibility.

H/T Breitbart 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I have no patience for people putting themselves in a position of public scrutiny, as these union thugs did, and can't keep it together. They are doing a great job of displaying a mob mentality.

Pedaling said...

wow, they cannot control themselves...what pathetic display of protest-(on the union members part)...words that come to mind...immature, lack of control, baby, ignorant, mean, bully, thug!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

If any of you have ever been to a union meeting you would quickly see how this is really lame in terms of union behavior.

This type of vulgarity does not even stop at their Christmas parties, these events are to be avoided at all cost's.

This is the reason I do not associate with any union co-worker outside of work let alone anyone belonging to a union.

Opus #6 said...

I hope they lose, lose, lose. It's not even political for me anymore. It's personal.

Amusing Bunni said...

They are the most disgusting scumbags.
I'm glad all these video's are out there, so America will see who the real thugs and bullies are.

Eman said...

(shaking off my rigor mortis) I have seen first hand what these people have done: Smoking pot in the rotunda of the Capital Building in Madison, drinking whisky out of the bottle in the public seating area of the assembly, urinating in the men’s room waste basket. I thought I’d seen it all till I saw union thugs pass around a toothbrush. I nearly blew my breakfast back out the way it came.
I need you all to hear this and listen to me good right here: When this is done, all people will remember is the bad behavior, the lawlessness, the thugs pushing, assaulting and unplugging P.A. systems to disrupting free speech. The lack of respect and reverence for public property, privet property and a general free-for-all attitude made it look like a time warp back to the late 60’s. The handing out of Dr’s excuses was as unethical as it was unstoppable. I am sure that is what many wanted, and they got it. I saw people in Madison so doped up it was hard to believe no one overdosed or was arrested. But then again, the cops were joining in on many of the protests because this affects them too. They cannot run from what they are and they made what they are very clear to Wisconsin’s residents these last few weeks. We are sick of them. We have had it with their drugs and their partying while being paid. Even the liberal bastion of Madison has begun to hate them. They have set themselves up for a very hard fall and I for one can’t wait to hear how loud the “THUD” is.