Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS -- 5-24-11 - Brian Setzer/Stray Cats


American Perspective -- Kathy Ireland Speaks Out to Defund Planned Parenthood-Rule 5

Atlas Shrugs -- Muslim North Attacks Southern Sudan, Burning and Looting in Abyei

A Conservative Teacher -- Barack Obama Returns to George W Bush's Foreign Policy? 

A Patriotic Rottweiler -- Herman Cain on C-Span Road to the White House 2012

A Western Heart -- Leftists are Now the Establishment

Adrienne's Corner -- Sunday: Devoted to All Things Israel 

Allied Liberty News -- Nixa MO Family Could Face Millions in Fines from USDA for Selling Rabbits without a License 

Always On Watch -- What Obama Believes? 

Amusing Bunni's Musings -- Breitbart: Conservatives Need to Regain Control of the Narrative

Barking Spider -- Climate Change: The Green Political Agenda

BBCW -- Joplin Tornado: It Doesn't Even Look Real

Beer, Bicycles, and the VRWC -- Israel

Beers With Demo -- Indiana State Supreme Court 4th Amendment Ruling Follow-Up

Blowing San #1 -- Regarding the John Jay Report

Bluegrass Pundit -- Sarah Palin Schools Obama on Israel

Bread Upon the Waters -- Farther Along - Brad Paisley

Can We Keep Our Republic? -- Drone Aircraft

Catholic Once Again -- Pope Blesses Astronauts

Christians Against Leftist Heresy -- More Presbyterian Sins and the Fall of Presbyterian Church USA

Commentarama -- 2012 Contenders: Recent Winners and Losers 

Common Cents -- Video: And the 2011 Celebrity Apprentice Winner is: 

Conservative Hideout 2.0 -- Evidence is Mounting that Obamacare is All Sorts of Corrupt? 

Conservative Perspective -- Priceless - Bibi Netanyahu and Barry Soetoro in their Early Twenties

Creative Minority Report -- Shouldn't MTV be Pro-Life? 

Deacon For Life -- Gospel of Life Today is Out

DeanO -- Today's Political Cartoon 

Don't Tread On Us (formerly Trestin Meacham) -- Charity Challenge 

Eye Of Polyphemus -- Kate Perry

Faith of the Fathers -- Missal Moment #3 - The Centurion 

Generational Dysfunction -- The Honor Flight

Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity -- More TSA-Related Crap 

Greg Mankiw's Blog -- Strong Dollar = Strong Economy?

Hack Wilson -- Gender Role Swappage in America 

HolyCoast.com -- Obama's New Truth Ministry

Innominatus -- Field Guide to Hippie Identification

It Don't Make Sense - It's Called Karma, Stupid

Jo-Joe Politico --Handling Radical Islam - Andrew Klavan on the Culture

Just a Conservative Girl -- Cain Follows Up on Misstep With Hannity 

Just An Artist -- Kitty VS. Fly 

Left Coast Rebel -- "An Attack on Pakistan is an Attack on China"

Let The Truth Be Known -- A Moment With Our Father Part II - Struggling with Fertility - Artificial Insemination 

 Legal Insurrection -- Netanyahu at AIPAC 

Liberty At Stake -- Stuck on Keynesian Stupid 

Lisa Graas -- Why are Some Catholics Supporting Ron Paul?

Maggie's Notebook -- Israel's Pre-1967 War borders: What they mean - The Reality 

Mind Numbed Robot -- College Student Responds To "Defining American" - Unwittingly Provides Proof of Generational Training

Motivation Truth -- Governor Palin's Goal: Oust Our "Temporary Leader" 

Musings of a Vast Right-Winger -- Former Dem Rep Mckinney Trashes US Political System, Praises Iran on Iranian TV

My Daily Trek -- Obama Destroys Alliance With Israel

Nikon Sniper -- Navigating the Slot Canyons 

NoOneofAnyImport -- Sunday Music Serendipity 

No Sheeple's Here -- The Scolding of America's Child Emperor 

Nonsensible Shoes -- Victoria Day

Obama Cartoons -- To Drill or Not to Drill!!!

Orthometer -- Is To Art, As Hippies Are to People

Pathetically Incorrect -- Vindication 

Patriot's Corner -- Virginia's Caroline Greys Civil War Flag Renewed and on Display 

Pedaling Fast & Trying To Keep Up -- Look What Hatched!

Political Realities -- Israel - President Obama's Waterloo?

Proof Positive -- Barack Obama and All That Blarney

Pundit & Pundette -- Feel-good Story 

QUICKWIT -- Contractor Can't Account for &9.8 million in Project to Aid Iraqi Farmers 

Randy's Roundtable -- How To Grow Your Congregation 

Rational Nation USA -- Delusion Runs Deep Among Democrats 

Reaganite Republican -- Reaganite's Sunday Funnies 

Right Klik -- Thank You, Mrs. Mitch Daniels 

Right Wing Extreme -- A Needed Change in EPA Motives - A Guest Article 

Robbing America -- Funding and Expanding Poverty 

Saber Point -- "Stray Cat Strut" With String Bass 

Self Evident Truths -- The Agenda Project: America The Beautiful Spreading Lies About Medicare Cuts

Sentry Journal -- Friday Ramblings: Our System is Not Broken; However Something else is

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand -- Harold Camping - False Prophet 

STOP MARXISM -- 3 South Florida Residents, including Imam from Margate, Arrested in Taliban Case

The Black Sphere -- How Obama Will Legalize 20M Mexicans fast 

The Blog -- Cool Photo 

The Born Again Americans -- Recycle Sunday, "You Had To Be There" 

The Catholic Knight -- For The Tornado Victims in Joplin, MO

The Camp of The Saints -- Herman Cain: The First 48 

The Conservative Lady -- Pakistan Weapons - Grade Nuclear Reactor on Fast Track 

The Country Thinker -- How the Debt Ceiling Proves There are No Social Security or Medicare Trust Funds

The Daley Gator -- Tax Cheats Among Recipients of Obama Stimulus Money

The Humble Libertarian -- 10 Reasons Ron Paul Can Win in 2012

The Last Tradition -- New York Bans Smoking in Public Outdoor Places 

The Libertarian Patriot -- Together We Can Stop Patriot Act Extension 

The Malcontent -- Netanyahu Urges U.S. Return to 1845 Borders

The Observatorium -- You Thought the Cafeteria Cams Were Bad?

The Oracular Opinion -- GOP Contenders Need Awesomeness Like Obama!

The Other McCain -- Never Burn a Source 

Theblogprof -- Video: The Osama Bin Laden Burial at Sea

They Say/We Say -- Teachers Unions Political Donations at a Glance

TOTUS: Freedom of Choice 

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia -- Dignity and Duties of the Priest, St. Alphonsus Liguori 

Warning Signs -- There is NO Palestine

What Does The Prayer Really Say? -- Catholic Church Destroyed by Tornado in Joplin, MO

Wolf Files: 12 % Pure Hope -- The Case For Voter ID: Can Dems Win Elections Without Cheating?

Woman Honor Thyself -- Congressman Allen West on the Two State "Solution" 

Woodsterman - It's Armed Forces Day! 

Zilla of the Resistance -- This is What They Believe 


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Great group of links Teresa. Thank you so much for the link.

Rommel Peter Fernandes said...

Nice links. Thanks.
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Anonymous said...

The artists formerly known as Trestin Meacham thank you.

Teresa said...


I found your feed, didn't realize you had changed the blog's feed name. Love the new title.

Teresa said...


My pleasure. Enjoying your great posts.

The Born Again American said...

Having been in a wheelchair for tentyfour years (please you know me better than that) there are two things I never got to do... #1 hit a metal driver... #2 learn how to Swing Dance... LOVE THIS MUSIC...

Thanks Teresa, you ROCK or SWING, however you want to look at it...

Teresa said...


Thank you for your comment.

Teresa said...

Born Again,

I am glad you enjoyed the music. My brother turned me on to Brian Setzer's music a few years ago when I heard his Christmas album. You rock, too!

Randy-g said...

One hell of a roundup Teresa, Thanks for including me with such a great group!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thank you kind lady. You've been very busy.

Matt said...

Excellent! Thanks for including the CH!

Always On Watch said...

I'm late in thanking you for the link. Sorry.