Saturday, May 21, 2011

Israel Betrayed by Obama

Did Comrade Obama just fall off planet EscrewIsrale Kookdom?  Did Obama's alter ego reveal his anti-semitic or anti-Israel sympathies?  His suggestion that Israel ought to return to it's 1967 borders or for him to suggest that that is where the discussion ought to start is as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said "indefensible."  This is outrageous!! Obama ticks me off to no end.  The man may have been born in America but the man sure as heck doesn't understand American values one iota.  

His ties to both Communists and Muslims also shows that he has a skewed view of America.  Some people wonder why conservatives question Obama's loyalties to both America and our allies.  It is because Obama usually gives preferential treatment to other countries who are disloyal to America and how he and hos cronies have been trying to "transform" America into a secular humanistic, Communist, Muslim sympathizing fiefdom.  Both he and progressives have slowly been eating away at America's foundation, have been poisoning young minds, distorting history, and even have been eliminating very important parts of American history from the people.  Obama & Co are promoting a friggin perverse America, one that is not aligned with our Founding principles. 

He and others within his administration are power hungry to control our lives as evidenced by all the freedom-hating crap he has either signed into law (ex. Obamacare), by executive order or when he had the EPA do his dirty work since congress didn't pass into law his climate change bill he bypassed normal, reasonable channels just to get his way, like he is a wanna be dictator.  This most recent incident where he gave a big slap in the face to Israel is just one example of why we question whether Obama's knows what it means to be an American and whether he is supportive of our allies or not.  It is obvious that Obama's alter ego has chosen to box Israel in a corner demanding that they give up the ability to defend itself, has abandoned Israelis at a time when Israel could use our support but no instead Netanyahu is given the "special" treatment and gets stabbed in the back by Obama. Both Obama's father and stepfather were Muslims and in the early part of his life he was raised in a culture which primarily consisted of Muslims so in this latest "I don't give a crap about Israel speech" is evidence of his Muslim sympathies IMO.  Obama is clearly not a real American but in fact an imposter from EscrewIsrale Kookdom. 

Peter Roff says that Obama "has sold Israel down the river without even so much as a basket made of reeds."  Obama's speech will only embolden Israel's enemies.  Maybe Obama wants to escalate the violence in the Middle East and have it turn into a full blown war?  I don't know... his speech was so nonsensical one can only grasp at straws for reasons why he said what he said. 
Roff points out that "Israel is surrounded by enemies, especially Iran--whose president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly threatened its security in his speeches. Obama’s speech on the Middle East will only serve to encourage Ahmadinejad and his ilk; perhaps even provoking them to act rather than just talk." 
Bob of The Camp of the Saints has a great read called Leader of the free world vs. Leader of the me world and has a spot on quote from Bruce Hannify:

Since the 80s I’ve been saying, ‘They pass nationalized health care, it’s over.’
Last night comes a yet more obvious demonstration of our president’s willingness to betray Israel; to give her no choice but to surrender, or fight; and to precipitously bump the world toward war.
Once again, the same dread I’ve experienced just before the election; the first few months of his presidency, where he’s attacking Americans . . . . . and again and again and again.
Wouldn’t matter where he was born. He’s not an American. 

Please do visit Bob's site to see the rest of his post. 
Opus has Netanyahu's speech in case you missed it, which is seven minutes of coolness. 


Opus #6 said...

T, Obama makes me mad, too. He certainly acts anti-American. And I say we should judge our politicians by their actions.

The Born Again American said...

It's becoming so completely obvious exactly what his intensions are that I firmly believe that even the "sheep" that have been following this muslim sheppard are going to wander... He's losing his flock, he's all flocked up...

Teresa said...


I am in full agreement with judging politicians by their actions.

Teresa said...

Born Again,

I think the "sheep" are seeing firsthand that they were snookered by Obama. Or at least starting to open their eyes.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great and uplifting Teres..Hussein is ushering in the demise of all our allies and Israel is front and center!!!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Perhaps the only thing left to do would be to do would be to get as many states as possible to cede from the union and let those who love Obama so much, keep their union. The rest of us will keep the Constitution and start over. Those who want Obama, not only can keep the union, but they can also be solely responsible for the national debt, and just to stick it to them even deeper, every other year, we will apply to them for foreign aid.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

sorry for that screw up, my computer and key board seem to be doing their own thing.

Bob Belvedere said...

-Obama's speech will only embolden Israel's enemies.

That's the key fact in all of this.

-Thanks for the link, Tere.

Anonymous said...

His days as President are numbered. He will lose in 2012.

Brian said...

It is clear that Obama is not a friend of Israel. He would "sell Israel out" in favor of his globalist aspirations. One wonders how he reconciles this with his supposed Christian faith. Those in support of the State of Israel must necessarily be increasingly vocal re" this issue.