Monday, July 2, 2012

Is there a silver lining to the Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling?

Here is Peter Suderman of Reason Magazine shedding some light on at least one of the positives that we can take away from the Obamacare ruling.

The day of the ruling I was in shock and expressed that I couldn't believe that Justice Roberts had turned over to the dark side.  But as more information came flowing in I realized that Roberts may have given the conservatives a big gift, labeling the penalty as a tax since the IRS is going to be the agency responsible for collecting the penalty tax for those who refuse to purchase insurance.  This puts a major kink in Obama and the Democrats claim that the penalty is not a tax which also goes against their pledge not to raise taxes on middle income earners.  One major tidbit of information that came to light was that the Obama administration's attorney actually argued that the penalty was a tax in front of the Supreme Court.  I was under the impression that Roberts had improvised his own arguments or reasoning to be able to uphold Obamacare. But I was wrong.  I am so thankful to know that because if he had that would have been some judicial activism pretzel logic. Here is a video which shows White House chief of staff Jack Lew stunned after he hears the audio of the Obama lawyer arguing that the Obamacare penalty is a tax.

There is more positive news among the dark news of the Affordable Care Act being declared to be constitutional. I will let John Carey of Sentry Journal fill you in on some positive aspects of the health care decision with his excellent article John Roberts: Missing the mark or right on target?   

The Blaze has also posted Five reasons why the Obamacare decision might not be as bad as you think.  Mytheos Holt of The Blaze and John from Sentry Journal both came up with pretty much the same reasons.That's pretty amazing when you think about it. In my opinion that substantiates that theirs is some rock solid logic.  

As much as I can't stand the way the court ruled on Obamacare I am in full agreement with John and Mytheos.  Now it is up to us and the rest of the American people in November to choose states rights, free market capitalism, liberty, and freedom over mandates, strangling policies of over-regulation, massive federal government expansion, and tyranny.


Opus #6 said...

This tax will hang as a millstone around Obama's neck heading to NOvember.

As it should.

As it will hang around our necks if we don't get it repealed.

Silverfiddle said...

I was one of those who posted about possible bright sides to the ruling, but I still believe it was a cowardly move on Roberts's part.

Teresa said...


Exactly! We must repeal this albatross.


I'll be by very soon to see your post. I've been trying to catch up on commenting since Sunday, after the craziness of me being hospitalized Friday night.

Leticia said...

I am with Silver on that. I feel that Obama is going to pay greatly for his Obamatax, but Roberts turned his back on all conservatives.

We are just going to have to wait and see.

John Carey said...

Teresa thanks for the mention. The big thing I see is the SCOTUS actually ruled in favor of the states in regards to Medicaid expansion. This is HUGE. If the state decide not to play ball this is going to drive the cost of Obamacare through the roof and force them to reexamine the entire law. We simply can't afford this terrible law.

Sun Cracked Soul said...

With Job losses and more unemployed because of the increased costs, taxes, penalties, call it what you may, levied on small and large businesses, at the rate at which Maobama is assuming dictatorship in this country, we not have enough time to save America.
It is not the SCOTUS mistake that we elected liars to Congress or to the Presidency, it's the liberals and the rest of the Marxist's fault!
Lets hope that this is not the last 4th of July as we once knew it God bless America, we need it.

And If you're not worried, take a little trip over to the Drudge report and see what Chris Rock had to say and what the hate-spewing lefties said about his statement.

The Conservative Lady said...

State nullification seems to be a possible answer to destroying ObamaCare.

Teresa said...


I am in agreement with you and Silver.


My pleasure to link such an outstanding post. Although I just found out something from my mother about the medicaid expansion. She said Rush explained on his show how this decision really didn't impact Medicaid funding or expansion. But I still have to look at the transcript and Rush's reasoning. I will probably post on it after I find the transcript.

Teresa said...

Sun Cracked Soul,

I just saw the disgustingness of the liberals hate America spewings. It is really sad the way these liberal loons see America. They're the ones living in the past, trying to keep slavery alive and well in peoples' minds. I sent Don Cheadle a tweet.

Thank you for your comment.

Teresa said...


That could be. I only know a little bit about state nullification. Need to research more on the subject.

Happy Independence Day!