Friday, August 10, 2012

irobot and more....

It is Friday evening and I thought everyone would like a break from politics. FYI: If I haven't visited your blog recently it is because on Tuesday and Wednesday I was in so much pain that I was pretty much in my bed the whole time during those two days.  I have been getting so fatigued lately too so hopefully I will get to do another mini eagle freedom links very soon, like I promised last week.  Wishing everyone a fantastic and relaxing weekend!

13-Foot Robot Controlled By iPhone by GeoBeats

A thought-controlled robot? New technology for the future?

Thought controlled robots by itnnews

New Kondo Quadruped Turtle Robot 02 by robots-dreams

All of the robots look neato to me.


Z said...

Teresa, I am SO sorry about all the pain you're experiencing...Will say a prayer.

As for 'no politics this weekend'...the VP choice kind of put an end to that, didn't it.

INterested to hear your and your husband's esteemed opinions...come on by :-)

Leticia said...

Teresa, what's important is your health. Your faithful readers will not abandon you, and I am one of them.

Get some rest, and I hope you feel better soon.

Teresa said...

I appreciate your kind words Leticia and Z. I am really relying on God to help me get through this pain til Sept. 10. Especially since my pain has been getting worse. And I hate relying on pain meds, try to go as long as I can without taking the strong stuff. But that seems to be the only thing that helps now. I work a few hours per day during the week but otherwise I've been in bed most of the time. Blessings to you both.

Kevin T. Rice said...


Regrettably, by the time Teresa told me about your invitation for the both of us to comment at your blog about the VP choice, there were already 144 comments there and it is marked "closed by the administrator". It's just as well - beamish and I would have found something to squabble about, even though he and I probably agree about Romney-Ryan. Beamish is as obnoxious as hell.

FWIW, Ryan is probably the ideal VP candidate for several reasons. I keeps the ticket tipped to the right, he is Catholic, which I like. I also like his reputation on budget matters. But no matter who he picked, he already had my vote because although I have never been much of a Romney fan, it is absolutely imperative that we stop the Obama train before it takes us over a cliff. Romney is good enough to get my vote to oust Obama, even if he had picked Zippy the Pinhead as his running mate. I would take Romney and a Big Yellow Dog over a re-run of Obama-Biden.

Apropos of nothing, if I remember correctly, you expressed an appreciation for my Naked Ontologist blog in a not-so-long-ago comment (at Western Hero, I think). Unless I am mistaking your comment for someone else's, my article about EFT intrigued you. Although I have been generally too busy to do much blogging, even at Catholibertarian, let alone the old TNO blogspot site, I still manage to steal moments that could not be used for blogging anyway, (e.g.,listening to mp3s and podcasts while driving and at work), and use it to study and practice EFT. If you are still interested in EFT and my take on it, I will make the time to write something for Catholibertarian, and or Teresamerica, and even The Naked Ontologist, about what I have learned over the last couple of years with it, including some accounts of my more remarkable successes with it.