Friday, August 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Interview with Raymond Arroyo on The World Over


Leticia said...

Eloquently spoken, plain, clear cut and to the point.

A two thumbs up! I know he is a Mormon, but I like the fact that he was unashamed to say he prayed everyday.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I've long had a question that I can't seem to get much of an answer for in the past, so if you're game, I'll pose it here.

Presuming for a moment that you could be the spokesperson for the religious right, if a candidate emerged who maintained solid credentials regarding national security, religious freedom and fiscal discipline.....but was honest with the voters in saying that he simply didn't know...couldn't know if there was a God; and thus didn't consider himself [or herself] religious...but was open minded...

How would that resonate with 'your' group of voters, if facing the typical GOP candidate [professed Christian, but not terribly Conservative] that we've been subjected to in the past? In other words, if there was a candidate who could really move the country forward, how important would faith be in voting for the political office?

Teresa said...

That was a very good interview, Leticia.

Question for clarification purposes Constitutional:

Are you referring to this particular agnostic candidate as going up against another GOP candidate for the nomination or the GOP agnostic candidate as going up another Party's presidential candidate?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Theresa - I would say GOP v. GOP for these purposes, I wouldn't expect you or I to really even consider a Democrat.

But feel free to expand it to the LP if you'd like.

Teresa said...

The reason I asked... is of course I would vote for your type of candidate if he/she was up against a Democrat.

If their was a candidate as you have described who was up against a more liberal candidate who was religious I am positive that I would vote for your candidate.

But.... if there was a candidate who was everything that you described along with being religious who went up against your candidate I would prefer the one who is religious that also has solid credentials regarding national security, religious freedom, and fiscal discipline versus your candidate.

The problem is with what each person views as having solid credentials on national security, with regards to religious freedom it would harder to have wiggle room on that issue (IMO), and with fiscal discipline there may be even be some wiggle room as to what you or I thinks to be fiscally sound. Obviously the fiscal state we are in now is pretty much calamitous if we don't turn it around in a jiffy.

For a libertarian candidate I would be open to one who wanted to loosen the drug laws since our "war on drugs" is failing. It is better to convert the hearts instead of through laws. Although if a criminal had been convicted of an assault where drugs were also involved I do believe that should be taken into consideration when that person is being sentenced.

Would I be okay with the legalization of marijuana - like alcohol is today? Yes.

Would I vote for a Left leaning libertarian? Probably not.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Sounds fair...and of course there's wiggle room. I'm probably far more severe on issues like Social Security than most Conservatives. I was thinking of two hypothetical candidates of equal standing on all things.

Issues such as the 'war on drugs' and prohibition against Hemp, have long been a joke and a serious obstacle in considering voting for the GOP.

But thank you for your answer, I appreciate hearing your point of view.