Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who is More Extreme: Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

In a post called Mitt Romney Holds Extreme Views? LD of Political Realities talked about how Obama has accused Mitt Romney of holding extreme views. But which person truly holds extreme views - Romney or Obama? Let's take a look at a controversial subject - at their respective positions on abortion. Mitt Romney is against abortion except in cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is in danger.  Obama is for abortion on demand with no exceptions, even for minors.  Mitt Romney is a defender of unborn babies lives while Obama deems unborn babies lives as disposable. Obama believes that if a woman chooses to end her pregnancy and murder her offspring before the baby is born that that is okay.  Are Obama's beliefs on abortion rights only applicable before the birth of the baby? In the video below you will hear how Obama believes that if an unborn baby survives an attempted abortion, which means that the baby is alive outside of the mother's womb, that taking certain basic steps in order to save the the life of the baby after the botched abortion has occurred would be undermining the woman's decision to abort that baby. So get this folks Obama not only believes in abortion prior to birth but he also believes it morally licit to leave a baby to die after a botched abortion when that baby is alive outside it's mother's womb.  That is morally repugnant. This means that Barack Obama believes that infanticide is morally justifiable.

Melissa Ohden is an abortion survivor in a scathing new ad lambasting President Obama's decision to vote not only once but four times against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act

Here is a very powerful video.


John Bascom said...

It would be a gigantic stretch of credibility to label Romney "extreme". The rap on him, after all, was that he is a MODERATE Republican; a centrist. As a conservative I don't buy that, but he is anything but an extremist. He governed the liberal-Democrat state of Massachusetts (they gave us Kennedy and Dukakis and Kerry)effectively with its Democrat state legislature. One may or may not like Romney's positions, still he is anything but an extremist.

Leticia said...

Romney may be off about abortion, because there should never be exceptions. Why sentence an innocent child to death because of the heinous acts of one person?

Obama does support infanticide and has never been ashamed to endorse it.
He is a despicable and hateful man, he lacks compassion or sympathy for these precious little ones.

I can't go on, I will just get angrier.

Teresa said...


I am in full agreement with you. Romney is definitely not an extremist. Thank you for your comment.


I do agree that Romney could improve on the abortion issue. Paul Ryan even explained their different positions on abortion. But Ryan said that Romney is on the right track when it comes to the abortion issue. Romney is a lot better than Obama on this issue. We need to keep praying for these lost souls who believe that abortion is okay.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

On the single issue of abortion, Obama would quite easily be seen as more extreme...though extremity is largely measured on personal bias.

Leticia...what about exceptions for life of the mother?

Bunkerville said...

As someone had said, at least he is not a commie! Forget preemie babies under obamacare.

Nate said...

Of COURSE Mitt Romney is extreme!!! He thinks people are actually people, not sheeple.