Friday, November 16, 2012

Fr. Barron on Resisting Aggressive Secularism

H/T TheRaineyView 


Leticia said...

I am not be a Catholic, but would love to sit through one of his sermons.

He's awesome!

Teresa said...


He had a half-hour television show where he preached and it was great. Unfortunately because of funding the show ended. I love listening to his commentary on Youtube. God Bless.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

He gives an interesting talk. He speaks highly of the Founders [as well he should], but it could be likewise argued that they were proponents of aggressive secularism in that they diverged from the historical marriage of throne and Bishop [where I also might add, the infinite worth of human life was not far removed from his examples of 20th century totalitarianism].

Religious liberty should at all times be sacrosanct and protected. But fears of secularism are at least as off base as fears of religion. Generally speaking, secular policies are not as injurious to individual liberty as those of a wholly religious nature.