Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mini Eagle Freedom Links: Contemporary Christian Edition

For a long while I've been wanting to post one of my eagle freedom links posts but between my recovering from the hysterectomy and dealing with some emotional related issues I just haven't had the energy to post a big, long list.  I am still having moderately severe pain and my doctor switched me to a medicine that makes me pretty drowsy. Plus, I have been spending some of my time looking for a job. If I was just able to weed or pick up the trash on the apartment grounds and do other small stuff that would have been okay but I cannot be wearing a 20-25lb. blower backpack on my back all day long so there was no way that I could have returned to my old job. Here are some links from some great conservative/libertarian bloggers. I will be posting more links soon.

Adrienne's Corner - Doctors are quitting over Obamacare...

Astute Bloggers - Muslim in Gaza fakes injury  

Capitalist Preservation - Wild Bill: Seceeding and Gelding 

Just a Conservative Girl - Quote of the Day: Bobby Jindal Edition 

Legal Insurrection - Does Obama Think of America as His and His Alone? 

Totus: Tired of Your Sex Life? Now You Can Get a Free Sex Change Thanks To Obamacare!

The Blog - Suicide or Fatal Hairball? 

My Daily Trek - W.H. Petition Calls For Stripping Citizenship And Exile For Anyone.... 

American Perspective - Courageous Bunni 

Liberty At Stake - Election 2012 Post-Mortem 

Randy's Roundtable - Sometimes People Do Need Help 

Woodsterman - Golfer Chit Chat . . . 

The Conservative Lady - Romney Speaks 

Sentry Journal - Zonation: Liberals and Democrats Are Racist, Not Republicans! 

The Camp Of the Saints - 'Big Tent' and All That Jazz 

Bunkerville - Jill Kelley is Really Jill Khawam: A Spy Who Took Down Two Generals? 

Political Realities - President Obama is The Luckiest President in History 

Western Hero - God Save The Elephant 

GeeeeeZ! - Electoral Collage? What Do You Think? 

Virtual Mirage - Fighting For Health 


John Carey said...

Thanks for the link Teresa.

Amusing Bunni said...

Tere, since I've not been around much the last several months, I didn't know of your operation. So sorry to hear you are still feeling ill, maybe the pains and symptoms will clear up now eventually. You take care of yourself and find a desk job, all that hard lifting, walking isn't good, heal soon!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thank you young lady. You get better hear.

Bunkerville said...

Thanks for the link!

Teresa said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts and kind words Bunni. The pain is improving slowly but surely. A longer time for recovery than my other surgeries. I hope to find a desk job. God Bless.

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