Thursday, July 30, 2009

Freedom of Speech Went the Hell Out the Window

Freedom of Speech Went the Hell Out the Window

Mall Politics at its worst: The Liberals have taken over one North Carolina Mall and made it known that it forbids any freedom-loving, pro-America, anti-Obama, Christian and conservative ideas in this Simon Mall.


The only conservative anti-Obama company's kiosk is getting kicked out of the Concord Mills Mall in North Carolina

"Free market Warrior" gets kicked outta Mall for at least one passerby that complained about these so-called racist
and bigoted bumper stickers.

The owner, Loren Spivack, says these bumper stickers and

posters are meant to be "biting" :

1)“Impeach Obama. “

2)“Al Qaeda’s favorite days: 9/11/01 and 11/04/08.”

3)“Work Harder. Obama needs the money.”

These are not racist sayings!! In fact, I think there totally hilarious. But, the Liberal who owns Simon Malls kicked out the only conservative kiosk that expressed a different point-of-view. I guess the socialist or communists have entered this country and are starting to take over our malls all across this country.
"The kiosk chain’s owner shared e-mail correspondence with Newschannel 36 that explains that the mall management has decided that the items sold are not “neutral” enough. The lease will be allowed to expire July 31, 2009 without an option to renew."
Excuse me. . .
What would a left-wing extremist like Melvin Simon consider "neutral?"
Probably, anything promoting a leftist agenda that says F**k America
Anything that promotes murdering innocent unborn babies
Anything that is Anti-Military
Anything that promotes a Communist/Socialist government
This stinks. . .
Melvin Simon has provided large political contributions to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, John Edwards, the DNC and many other Democrats and Democrat organizations.
The blue tinted fog fills the air with an awful stench . . .
Melvin Simon is the same person who shut down the Atlanta Tea Party. The Tea Party was going to be held at a parking lot next to Gwinnett Mall in Atlanta, which just happens to be a Simon Mall. This man was so sneaky and evil that he didn't give the tea party organizers notice until it was too late to find another location.
I pledge that I will not enter a SIMON MALL(unless forced to under duress) in the United States of America. I refuse to support the socialists of America who are tearing down our right to free speech.
Hasn't the owner of Simon Malls heard of the 1st Amendment? Obviously the guy doesn't give a rats a$$ about the freedom of speech. Or he's another Liberal who thinks that the freedom of speech only applies to Liberals. Well, Dammit it doesn't. It applies to EVERYONE!!! I am sick of the hypocrisy of the Left!!! Now it is time to rebel or fight back with everyone holding back their money from supporting this corrupt enterprise called SIMON MALLS.
So now, are conservatives going to have to start up and build their own malls to counteract the culture of corruption within the liberal malls? This Liberal takeover MUST BE STOPPED!!!!
So I say Freedom of Speech has been shattered to Pieces!
Now, we conservatives must fight to put these pieces back together.
Here is Free Market Warrior's website:


Barking Spider said...

It only takes one person to complain in Britain these days for the same sort of enforced censorship to happen or for the police to descend and arrest someone. Lefties just won't let anyone else have a different or opposing point of view - charming people aren't they!

Teresa said...

Barking Spider,
That's horrible. It seems like the United States is following in Britain's footsteps.

With sarcasm I say: Liberals are wonderful people and we're lucky to have them. That was a saying learned in high school.

NOT !!!!!