Monday, July 20, 2009

Obamacare: Yay or Nay? Revealing the Single-Payer System


Opus #6 said...

Great video. I hear the interviewer, Crowder, will be on Fox News tonight to discuss this. How wonderful that word is getting out.

Anonymous said...

I,as a vet of Desert Storm and Sarajevo,k do not need to go to Canada to know about socialize government health care. For I been to what is soon coming to us,the Veterans Administration, which is reminds me of stories of the torture used by the Spanish Inquisition.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the tip. I will watch him on Fox news tonight.

I didn't know that the Veteran's admininstration was that awlful. I hope we can fight this battle off and avoid the likes of the Spanish Inquisition.