Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Obama is Kicking the Can Down the Road but is GOP Kicking Smaller Can Down the Road Too?

The Obama budget is a fiscal joke, or a fiscal nightmare for our future.  The American people sent a message loud and clear to Congress and President Obama on November 2nd and it is obvious that he didn't get it.  

Senator Jon Kyl points out that Obama's budget adds nearly $13 trillion in debt by the end of the decade and the gross debt will reach $26.3 trillion by the end of the decade - which is 107 of gross domestic product.

 Senator Kyl says that: 
"The debt will eclipse the size of the entire economy." 

The United States will have a mega-financial disaster on its hands, which will look much like Greece does today.  

Sen. Kyl states: 

 "That’s a gloomy outlook, and it would be prudent to stop raiding the treasury. But, not in this budget. Under President Obama’s budget, the size of the federal government will nearly double since he took office. Over the next 10 years, the President proposes $8.7 trillion in new spending, with $46 trillion in total spending. Spending in this fiscal year is projected to be a record $3.8 trillion, or 25.3 percent of gross domestic product, the highest spending-to-GDP ratio since World War II!" 

I agree with Sen. Kyl.  This is a gloomy outlook.  This type of financial disaster can be avoided if President Obama, the Democrats, and the Republicans have the will and listen to the American peoples' voices which were spoken loud and clear in the November elections.  

The Obama budget would increase taxes on families, small businesses, and job creators at a time when  our economy is still very fragile.  How does raising taxes on small business owners and other job creators encourage businesses to hire new employees?  Simply put, it doesn't.  It decentivises the job creators from opening up new stores and hiring new employees.  It is a real possibility that their will be layoffs due to Obama's fiscal insanity. With this kind of backwards mentality of penalizing the backbone of our country - the entrepreneurs - in the near future I can see the unemployment rate rising above 10 percent. 

  But, does the GOP get it?

The GOP seems to be waving the white flag of compromise and giving into the Democrats.  Most of what is in the GOP's Stop Gap proposal consists of cuts which were already proposed by Obama and the Democrats.  The GOP is acting very weak and are compromising to avoid a government shutdown.  I am all for a government shutdown.  What has the government done right in the past few years?  The government has expanded like a huge balloon full of helium and it needs to be popped and shrunk down to a much smaller, acceptable size.  The Federal government has invaded our lives, like an invasion of aliens from outer space.  This ever expansive government needs to be reigned in and if it takes a government shutdown to save money and show the Democrats that we want to save or country from fiscal ruin, so be it.  The dynamics of our economy is different than in 1995 and there are more people who are more aware that the United States needs to get its fiscal house in order.  

The GOP didn't even have the will to cut at least $100 billion from the budget, as they pledged to the American people in November.  The House approved $61 billion in spending cuts and the GOP can't even stand on principle and put pressure on the Senate to pass those cuts.  This is unacceptable and makes me furious. We definitely need to boot some RINO's out of the GOP.  These compromisers need to go.  I am sick of the GOP being more worried about their political appearances than solving both our budget and deficit woes.  

So, sadly I have to say that more than a few in the GOP don't get it.  They are indeed kicking the can down the road, albeit a smaller can than the Democrats.  But, this should not be the barometer we use to judge the GOP. They must have had some serious wax in their ears during the November campaigns.  Or, maybe they have had amnesia?  Their actions and words are evidence that we need to remind them consistently and often of the will of the American people and what this country needs in order to get its fiscal house in order. 


LD Jackson said...

I am hoping for better things to come from the GOP, but I am not pleased that they seem to be downplaying their position of strength. No, I do not want them to alienate so much of the electorate that they run the risk of losing the 2012 elections, but I also do not want to see them roll over and play dead. That is what happened during the lame duck session of Congress at the end of 2010 and we see where that got us. They need to grow a little backbone and learn how to stand up against the agenda of the Democrats.

The Conservative Lady said...

Any Republican who doesn't live up to the Nov 2010 election promises, will suffer the consequences come their next election.

Anonymous said...

Social security needs serious reform. The GOP needs to stand up to the AARP

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I look forward to a government shutdown. I also look forward to voting against any Republican that doesn't keep their promise.

WomanHonorThyself said...

your'e right Teres..the RINO's are killing us............

Atlanta Roofing said...

The republican majorities don't like to bring up the entitlemen­ts for Congress and Senators, their focus is how to take from the middle class, poor people and Social Security, which they have pilfered for years and Medicare too. Congress gets their full pay after serving one term and healthcare for life. GW Bush Sr. and the rest of the ex-preside­nts and their staff get full benefits. Congress got a raise this year, while social security recipients have had none for two years. Next election we have to put liberal democrats in the majority, the real majority.

Teresa said...

Atlanta roofing,

You spout the whole class warfare rhetoric following the Democrats lead like a good little robot, but where's the proof? The Demomcrats have been in charge for the past 4 years, until this January, so you only have the dems to blame for no raise in social security. And, Obamacare cuts 500,000 dollars in medicare so don't even try and play the whole class warfare crap with me. Who has been raising taxes on everything they can think of under the sun which has hurt the working middle class for years? The Democrats.