Monday, April 11, 2011

Dr. Alan Keyes Speaks on the Issue of Eligibility to be President of the United States

A certificate of live birth is NOT the same as a long form birth certificate.  A newspaper announcement does not constitute as proof for being a United States citizen.  Geesh... The Department of Motor Vehicles in Pennsylvania wouldn't even allow me to use my certificate of live birth when transferring my car from one state to another.  I was required to show my birth certificate to transfer my car from one state to another.  It would be nice if Obama followed the Constitution and released his long form birth certificate to verify his eligibility to be President.

Alan Keyes is spot on!


Leticia said...

If Alan Keys and Hermain Cain ran together for the GOP, I think it would be a win-win situation.

However, I digress...the dispute over Obama's birth certificate has gone on for so long and he and his administration have done a bang-up job hiding it and paying to keep it hidden.

I believe years later, we will know the truth. But for now, I am not holding my breath.

Something is fishy in the White House.

Reaganite Republican said...

I heard that one of the nurses recorded Obama's birth on a cafeteria napkin... but racists flushed it down the toilet

Knock it off, extremists... how dare you question he not-so-virgin birth lol

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Teresa, I have been telling people the same thing as Dr. Keys, ever since Obama began his campaign, but people still refuse to believe.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is being orchestrated by BO as a calculated distraction.

Malcolm said...

The people who believe President Obama wasn't born in Hawaii will never be convinced he was no matter what proof they are shown. Given the facts that have been presented, the birther movement is laughable. It's also ridiculous for anyone to blame President Obama... it's people like Alan Keyes and Donald Trump who keep shoveling out this birther nonsense.

As for a Keyes/Cain presidential ticket, I'd love for that to happen because it would greatly increase the chances of President Obama getting a second term.

Teresa said...


I doubt that Alan Keyes is going to run again but I think it would be good to have Cain on the ticket. Your probably right about us finding out the truth years later.

Teresa said...

Reaganite Republican,

LOL!! I love questioning. Ya know, I thought that it was supposed to be patriotic to question your President -- at least that's what we were told during the Bush years.

Teresa said...

Most Rev. Gregori,

The Supreme Court needs to decide or clarify what exactly is the eligibility requirement to be President.

Teresa said...


Could be...

Teresa said...


Those who believe that President Obama wasn't born in Hawaii have legitimate claims since he is unwilling to release his long form birth certificate. Plus, there is the question of whether dual citizenship was allowed while he was a citizen of Indonesia. I think he was born in Hawaii but the evidence proving this is non-existent, so it is laughable that no person required him to produce a long form birth certificate before he ran for President.

Malcolm said...

Teresa: If the evidence proving President Obama was born in Hawaii is non-existent, why do you think he was born in Hawaii?

Teresa said...


There is no definitive evidence which proves that President Obama was born in Hawaii but there is circumstantial supporting evidence.

His certification of live birth - thought it was a certificate of live birth - is different from a long-form birth certificate. But, there is some evidence with the Certification of live birth to support that he was born in Hawaii. The announcement of Obama's birth in Hawaii newspapers is also supporting evidence of his birth in Hawaii. A newspaper article is not definitive evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Obama's half-sister supposedly has a certification of live birth from Hawaii even though she was born in Indonesia. Not sure if true or not.

100% of me believes that he was born in Hawaii but then I only see conspiratorial supporting evidence which is about 85% proof that he was born in Hawaii. But, you are more than welcome to try and change my outlook on this issue. I really haven't done much research on this whole birth certificate issue.

Maybe I believe 100% that he was born in Hawaii because if he wasn't that would create a constitutional crisis.

The only other question I have is about the dual citizenship of United States and Indonesia issue. Was it okay to have dual citizenship in both countries? Have to research.

But, nonetheless if Obama would release his long-form birth certificate that would be definitive proof that he was indeed born in Hawaii and that would put to rest my 15% iffiness on the whole issue.

I don't usually focus on this on my blog. 99.9% of the time I just focus on the issues.

Malcolm said...

Teresa: As you may or may not know, President Obama released his long form birth certificate this morning.

As I expected all along, this still isn't enough for some people. On Wednesday morning, I was listening to a talk radio show in which several callers voiced skepticism about President Obama's long form birth certificate.

Also, CNN did a two-part story debunking the birther nonsense:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The bottom line is that for some people, the only way they will be convinced President Obama was born in the U.S. is if they were actually present to witness his birth! You said the release of his long form birth certificate would be definite proof for you. Do you stand by that?

Teresa said...


"You said the release of his long form birth certificate would be definite proof for you. Do you stand by that?"
Yes, I do. It is a very good thing that President Obama released his long-form birth certificate today. This should have happened a long time ago.

I wouldn't call it birther nonsense since Obama releasing his long-form birth certificate - another document - proves that it wasn't a nonsense issue. There was another document which could have put this matter to rest a few years ago. I would call most of the "birthers" conscientious Constitutionalists with regards to eligibility to be president. But, I do agree that there will be a those people (probably only an extremely small amount) who won't believe the truth no matter how much evidence is provided.

Malcolm said...

Teresa: As the CNN report stated, the short form version of Obama's certificate of live birth is official proof that he was born in the U.S. Why is it that President Obama had to produce an additional document to prove to you and others that he was born here? When the issue of McCain's eligibility came up, he provided sufficient proof and that was the end of it. Obama does the same thing but somehow that just isn't quite good enough for some.

Until now, a POTUS has never had to jump through hoops to prove he was born here. The American people just assumed the previous 43 Presidents of the U.S. were American citizens. Why do you think the controversy surrounding President Obama's place a birth continued even after he provided official proof?

Teresa said...


Because McCain provided sufficient proof, including his long-form birth certificate, but Obama didn't provide the same evidence at the same time to prove without a doubt that he was/is a U.S. citizen and that is why people wanted him to produce his long-form birth certificate. The short-form birth certificate is missing information that the long-form birth certificate has. It is more detailed. Plus, McCain's father was in the military and on a military base when McCain was born whereas we don't know the full details of Obama's mother and father, or his stepfather. That is much more complicated.

My main contention was why in heck did PA not accept my certificate of live birth when transferring my vehicles if that is indeed the equivalent as a long-form birth certificate? Or sufficient evidence to prove who a person is?

Malcolm said...

Teresa: Although Obama didn't provide the same proof as McCain, he did provide sufficient proof. That's the key point. As I said earlier, the short form version of Obama's certificate of live birth is official proof he was born here. Think of it in terms of an audio book. Unabridged audiobooks are the complete book -- word for word as the author wrote it. Abridged audio books are shortened versions (typically approved by the author) of the original book.

In regards to your question as to why PA didn't accept your certificate of live birth, I think it's due to the fact that laws vary from state to state.