Sunday, April 3, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS -- 4-3-11 -- Liberals Exposed Edition


American Perspective says Allen West really understand the Tea Party 

Amusing Bunni's Musings posts Remembering Knut, plus Denver, The Guilty Dog

Conservative Hideout 2.0 posts Voter Fraud confirmed: 5000 "non-citizens" voted in CO 

It Don't Make Sense gives us some Weekend tunes from the 70's

A Conservative Teacher posts Michigan's smoking ban: one year later

A Patriotic Rottweiler posts The Real reason for Detriot's population exodus

A Western Heart posts Boy suspended for bringing bible to school files suit 

Adrienne's Corner posts More on the American experiment

Allied Liberty News posts Government does not create; it destroys 

Always On Watch posts Brains Rewired? Part one 

America Oh! How We'll Miss You says that Obama just doesn't compare to past presidents 

Anonymous Political Scientist posts Obama's extremist ideology & the dangers of a second term

Another Black Conservative posts Rand Paul one ups Harry Reid 

Barking Spider shows us Agenda 21: world depopulation plans 

BBCW posts How Obama and congress lies about the health of GM 

Beers With Demo posts Good News, perhaps, but some people still not getting the message

Blowing San #1 posts On Catholic trust of big government 

Bluegrass Pundit posts Irony: former NHS director dies after waiting 9 months for operation 

Bonsai From the Right says that Once again Islam shows it's true colors 

Bread Upon the Waters gives us Bluegrass hymns medley - Sherman Mountain Boys 

Brianlee posts John Boehner: rock or rolled? 

Can We Keep Our Republic? posts Bloody Mexico - Vincente's defense 

Catholic Fire posts New film: Christiada

Catholic Once Again gives us Christian rock, Catholic Punk and other awesomeness

 Commentarama posts Standardized testing is racist, says Holder 

Common Cents posts Friday night videos 

Confessions of a Thirty Something Cybertronian posts Taliban Catholic; (and F'n proud) 

Conservative Girl With a Voice posts Bill Maher continues to degrade conservative women and NOW remains silent 

Conservatives on Fire posts You can't fool all the people all th time_ Or can you? 

Conservative Perspective posts Dateline Detroit: tales of anger and flight 

Conservative Scalawag posts Why you should carry a gun at a hotel 

Conservative16 asks When will this Presidency nightmare end? 

Creative Minority Report posts Dem: Medical choices must "come from govt"

DeanO shows us a Political cartoon

Eye of Polyphemus shows us Sofia Vergara 

Down Under On the Right Side posts The price of a carbon tax 

DRScoundrels posts Bill to return unspent stimulus money moves forward

 Fuzzy Logic asks What went wrong with the American experiment and when?

Generational Dysfunction shows us Johnny Carson explains politicians... 

HolyCoast posts Terminal cancer patient stops a bank robber 

Info On Islam posts How to defeat Islam - non-violently 

Innominatus has a must see Comment(s) of the week

Just a Conservative Girl shows us Jon Stewart on Obama's Libya speech

Just An Artist posts My son sent this to me...

The Left Coast Rebel posts Romney ... the establishment Republican 

Let The Truth Be Known posts Angina news studio - broadcast edition I

Legal Insurrection posts The Missing headline: "Obama support among millennials plummets since 2008"

Jim McMahon Chicago asks for help for Pete's Chair

Maggie's Notebook posts American Community Survey Hassles Chicagoans 

Mind Numbed Robot posts SEIU member plotting economic terrorism? 

Motivation Truth posts Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining 

Musings of a Vast Right-Winger posts Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon expects inflation 

My Daily Trek posts Police say teen forced mom to buy her a car at gunpoint 

New Zeal posts The Green regulation machine: saving the planet or killing jobs? 

No Sheeples Here shows us the Confuser-in-Chief 

Oldbob44 asks What went wrong? - 2

Pathetically Incorrect posts Getting a pass 

Nice Deb posts Megyn Kelly covers union intimidation against Wisconsin businesses 

Proof Positive posts "A real black man may run against Obama" 

Political Realities posts President Obama's two year pay freeze that isn't 

Pundit & Pundette posts Every 21 minutes

Quickwit posts Unions still pushing for enrollment  

Randy's Roundtable shows us the Picture of the Week

Rational Nation USA posts Harry Reid and the continuing push for the progressive New World Order

Reaganite Republican posts Three Navy ships put it all into perspective  

RightKlik posts Obamacare: 6 pages of law become 1000 pages of regulation 

Robbing America posts Libya can and should be won with mercenaries

Self Evident Truths shows us PBS exposed! hidden camera rocks Sesame Streeet 

Sentry Journal posts Patrick Henry's finest hour: Give me liberty or give me death

Stop Marxism asks Notorious Jamie Gorelick to be nominated as FBI director?

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand posts Christian gay projects funded by homosexualist billionaire 

The Audacity of Logic posts on President Obama and Libya 

The Black Biretta posts Bishop Aquila urges clergy not to let lies take hold among faithful 

The Black Sphere posts Not 40 acres and a mule but close 

The Blog posts Schumer spills

The Born Again Americans says Don't make me run for president!

The Busted Nut posts Obama's dumb war? 

The Catholic Knight posts Plan "B" for the Tea Party 

The Canadian Sentinel shows us Liberal party militants 

The Conservative Lady informs us that Iran is expecting the 12th imam very soon

The Country Thinker posts Redneckonomics, vacation version (2nd edition)

The Daley Gator posts on Syria's 'Reformer' 

The Last Tradition posts Libya: coalition air strike kills 18 rebels. Now We're fighting both sides. 

The Libertarian Patriot says Rand Paul Rocks!

The Camp Of The Saints posts The spot on quote of the week

The Malcontent posts on A clueless presidency adrift in a sea of confusion 

The Observatorium posts War On The Sabbath 

The Oh, Bama Files asks Are you ready?

The Other McCain posts Keynesianism and the economics of envy 

The Wisdom of Soloman says On my mind, on a Wednesday 

The Real Polichick posts Hidden bad signs in a good signs report

Theblogprof shows us a Devastating game changer ad in Wisconsin's crucial April 5th election 

TOTUS posts Modern Revolutions and the road to hell 

Trestin Meacham posts Korihors among us 

Tu Ne Cede posts Forgiveness is both spiritually and psychologically healing 

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia   asks If Jesus Came to your house? 

Virtual Mirage posts Troubles in Federal law enforcement 

We The People . . . shows us a couple Toons 

What Does the Prayer Really Say? posts the USCCB shreds Sr. Johnson's book on the Trinity

Woman Honor Thyself posts Libya: Kinetic Military Action!

Woodsterman gives us Newsbusted 

Zilla of the Resistance shows us an Impeach Obama video 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link!
Those are some good videos

Adrienne said...

OK - you win the award hands-down for the biggest linky love, evah

What's with the "attack site" message when trying to log on to your site? I finally ran the gauntlet to get here. Are other peeps getting that message, too?

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

As always a most comprehensive list Teresa and thank you for including me! The theme and videos are on target as well!

RE: Adrienne, I had heard word via email of what you stated as to an "attack site" but I have not ahd troubles myself on my end.

Anonymous said...

Who's Your Daddy has a real good post on Allen West.

Leticia said...

Thank you so very much for mentioning my blog on your Eagle Freedom links!!

I am truly honored and.... fantastic videos!

tha malcontent said...

And thank you for my mention and for putting my blog in such great company. I am also truly honored.

Teresa said...


I don't get what the whole "attack site" message is all about. Never been to that site mentioned on the message so... I started following google directions to get rid of the "attack" message but then google said that my site didn't have a virus or that everything was fine so I don't get it.

The Conservative Lady said...

Thank you for the link! Wow, you did a love of linky love today.
BTW, I'm still getting the "attack site" notice, too.

The Conservative Lady said...

I meant you did a LOT of linky love today.

WomanHonorThyself said...

aw thanks hun for the linky luv and the posting. hope ya had a nice weekend~!..almost

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks again kind Lady!

Zilla/MJ said...

Thank you for linking me here at your awesome roundup. I've added you to the blogroll at my place.

BTW, I got a warning when I clicked on the link to open this post from your page saying that this was an "attack site", since I know better, I ignored the warning, but you may want to look into it in case there are trolls or gremlins around.

Teresa said...


Thank you for adding my blog to your blogroll. I've added yours to my blogroll also.

Working on the whole "attack site" message issue. Trying to have google help me with this issue. I have removed items from my blog to see whether it helps or not.