Saturday, April 30, 2011

John Bolton at NRA Convention, Says Obama is "Following the Mexican Line"

John Bolton is spot on! The Obama administration is simply out to lunch and doesn't get *it* when it comes to the Mexican violence which is now spilling over the border into the United States.  If anything, their plan is one which violates our constitutional right to bear arms.  But is that really surprising with this administration's track record of trampling all over the constitution?


John Carey said...

With this administration it's all about lies and misdirection. It's absolutely absurd to believe that our constitutional right to bear arms is contributing to the violence in Mexico and on the Border States. The reason the administration has turned a blind eye to this problem is because they know it has the potential to lead to another crisis and it is by using crisis they steal more of our liberties.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

The Federal Government has NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to weaken or remove our SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT, so no matter how many anti-gun laws they enact, since they are unconstitutional, they are no law at all.

And if the feds try to confiscate people's guns, I believe you will see this country explode.