Monday, August 29, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS - Garbage Edition - 8-29-11


American Perspective - Libyan prisoner beheading to "Allahu Akbar" 

America's Watchtower - Rick Perry bills DHS for the costs of detaining illegal aliens in Texas 

Amusing Bunni's Musings - This Little Guy does a better job than...

ARRA News Service - A Tale of Two Recessions 

Atlas Shrugs - Ground Zero Imam Bold-Faced Lies To Advance The Sharia 

It Don't Make Sense - Race Clown Desmond Tutu Proposes a "Piffling" Tax On White People 

A Catholic View - Video: Pius XII and the Jews 

A Conservative Teacher - 2012 Will Be a Battle of Visions?

A Patriotic Nurse - Bloomberg... You can't ban God from Attending the Memorial 

A Western Heart - Social Networking increases risk of teen drug abuse: study 

Acts Of The Apostasy - '56 Rape Victim" Ladies of the World, Don't Abort 

Adrienne's Corner - Top 3 Common Myths Of Capitalism 

Always On Watch - Islamification of France 

Barking Spider - The Truth About the Tottenham Riots

Barracuda Brigade 2012 -  President Bush speaks out on 9/11!!!

BBCW - Science vs. Faith 

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC - Felonious Munk (Not "Family Friendly")

Beers With Demo - Instavision, capitalism, and morality 

Biblical Conservatism - Set Tax Rates Will Create Jobs, Tax Holidays Will Not 

Big Blue Wave - Pro-Life activist beaten up by police

Black or White Is A Choice - Quotables after all these years

Blog de King Shamus - Leave MLK Alone!

Blowing San #1 - Send your kid to college to become a moronic dingbat  

Blue Collar Philosophy - The Gibson Guitar Raid And The "Obama Haze" Song 

Blue's Blog - Grinding America Down....

Bluegrass Pundit - Gore bashes idea climate change is all about money 

Bonsai From The Right - Hannity vs Former Obama Economic Adviser 

Bread Upon The Waters - Bloomberg bans Clergy from 9/11 Ceremony 

Can We Keep Our Republic? - Virginia Earthquake - Attribution 

Catholic Fire - Priests in China Arrested for not supporting illicit ordination 

Catholic Moms For Santorum - Rick Santorum at CPAC 2011 

Catholic Once Again - How I attended to my mind & soul as I redecorated my kitchen 

Commentarama - Is Warren Buffett a Hypocrite? 

Common Cents - Dick Cheney" "In My Time" 

Conservative Hideout 2.0 - This is what "Democracy" looks like? Progressives attempting to stop a vote on "Amazon Tax"  and Historical Perspective: New England Hurricane of 1938

Conservatives On Fire - Ron Paul Votes Against The Safety Of Our Troops

Conservative Perspective - Note To Self; Don't Die in Wayne County, Michigan 

Creative Minority Report - Greatest Big Brother Evah!!! 

Creeping Sharia - Why did Texas school district remove Remove Rick Perry's Islamic Curriculum?

Cynthia Sees It Right - President Obama's bus tour 

DeanO - Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands 

Don't Tread On Us - Was Jesus A Socialist? and Myths of Constitutional Government 

Down Under On The Right Side - Union fees used for prostitutes 

Eye Of Polyphemus - Formspring Question #231 - Erickson vs Radke Edition

Faith of the Fathers - More arrests and Bibles seized in Iran  

Generational Dysfunction - Tea Party members confront Obama 

Hack Wilson - Iraq Heating Up - Has MLK Jr's Dream Been Realized? 

Innominatus - Terror Elf Update 

Jo-Joe Politico - Divorce Agreement...

Just A Conservative Girl - Quote of the Day - Paul Krugman Edition 

Just An Artist - Our City Art

Left Coast Rebel - Advocates of Capitalism and Rational Self Interest ... Smith and Rand 

Let The Truth Be Known - A Moment With Our Father Part III Conclusion A Warning To All Christian Churches  

Legal Insurrection - Walker Beat Runners 

Lisa Graas - About Perry's Gardasil Mandate...

Logan's Warning - Anjem Choudary: Muslims are Rising up Across the World, Islam Will Dominate!

Lonely Is The Nights - Need Plenty of Prayers

Maggie's Notebook - Aaron Vaughn Navy Seal: Dad Billy Vaughn - Sheep in High Places May Have Put SEALS in Danger 

Mind Numbed Robot - Must Read Articles on Governor Rick Perry 

Motivation Truth - Governor Palin: Setting the Record Straight: Wrong & Misleading 

Musings of a Vast Right-Winger -- Chabot Censors Town Hall - Police Seize Cameras 

My Daily Trek - Obama Executive Order Creates 'Office Of Diversity and Inclusion' 

Nikon Sniper - Curious Wyoming Ground Squirrel 

NoOneOfAnyImport - Mathematic Proof That We Are Screwed

Obama Cartoons - Obama is going blind 

Patriot's Corner - Defenders of Islam and sharia law(Center for American Progress) shills for Islam and worse

Pedaling Fast - 9-11... Coming Up On 10 Years 

Phoebe's Detention Room - PA. School Wants To Ban Skinny Jeans 

Political Realities - Sarah Palin - Presidential Candidate Or Media Hog? 

Proof Positive - Perry and Barry: "Boys will be boys..."

Pundit & Pundette - The Left Fully Understands 

QUICKWIT - War Is Hell 

Randy's Roundtable - Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are the same person 

Rational Nation USA - A Story of Alligators and Politicians 

Reaganite Republican - Cheney Exposes Unprincipled Obama Pumper Colin Powell for What He Is 

Right Klik - Karl Rove's Sparkling Brilliance 

Robbing America - Beware of a Liberal Fifth Column - A Conservative Third Party 

Saber Point - Libya: A New Fanatical Islamic State 

Sancte Pater - The Rite 

Self Evident Truths - Herman Cain Responds To Janeane Garofalo on Keith Olbermann's Show

Sentry Journal - Friday Ramblings: Is Sarah Palin Organizing The Conservative Community?  and Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Triumph of Human Freedom 

Standing On My Head - Dawkins' Rage and WYD 

STOP MARXISM - President Bush Saved Region From Gadhafi's WMD

Talk Wisdom - Buffett and Soros - The Lefty Billionaires Ruining America 

That Mr. G Guy's Blog - Paul Krugman, Mad Scientist

The Audacity Of Logic - Is Obama Leaking Details of the Bin Laden Killing to Boost His Approval Ratings?

The Blog - Work More 

The Camp Of The Saints - The Spot-On Quote Of The Day...

The Canadian Sentinel - Ron Paul's Unconstitutional, Unconservative Pork Barreling Record 

The Catholic Knight - Immigration - A Southern Catholic Approach 

The Conservative Lady - Senator Rubio's Speech at The Reagan Library and the Q&A 

The Conservative Pup - Campus Crusade For Christ Removing Christ 

The Country Thinker - Candycare (conclusion) 

The Daley Gator - Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability To Write 

The Empress Is Naked - Liberty is Freedom 

The Last Tradition - Obama's illegal Uncle Onyango Obama arrested; 'Uncle Omar' almost hits cop car, tries to call White House 

The Libertarian Patriot - Video: Gary Johnson on Adam vs The Man With Adam Kokesh 8/18 

The Malcontent - Our First Vacationer Michelle Obama 

The Observatorium - Makes Perfect Sense 

The Oracular Opinion - Stimulus Deja Vu 

The Other McCain - Al Gore: If You Disagree With me About Global Warming ... RAAAAACIST!

The Right Guy - Police Do Nothing When Flash Mob Robs Store 

The Scottcarp Dream - Steubenville Gangster

The Wisdom Of Soloman - Racism

The Wyblog - Bloombergistan Only Has Room For One Religion at Ground Zero

Theblogprof - Video of UCLA Professor: Without Media Bias The Average US State Would Like Texas or Tennessee 

Three Beers Later... - Rick Perry's Immigration Policy... It's A Killer 

TOTUS - West Wing Urinal 

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia - Real Presence in the Eucharist #1

Virtual Mirage - Will History Repeat in 2012? 

Warning Signs - GE Stabs the US in the Back 

We The People... - Gun News 

What Does The Prayer Really Say? - 160 million baby girls selectively aborted in Asia and East Europe in last decades

Weasel Zippers - Iran says it "Discreetly" Sent Aid To Our Libyan Rebel Allies 

Why I Am Catholic - Because Love Went To Madrid, and Its Cup Runneth Over 

Wolf Files - It's Official: Democrats Have Left The Planet 

Woman Honor Thyself - Muzlims Persecute Bahais 

Woodsterman - This Just In ... Earthquake Update 

Zilla Of The Resistance - Terrorist Wants To Be Freed From Jail Because Koran Says It's Okay To Kill Us


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I feel honored to be included in the Garbage Edition ... did that sound right?

conservativesonfire said...

Thanks for the link, Teresa. You had me worried with the "Garbage" edition. I had no idea there was a singer song writer by such a name.

Leticia said...

Thank you so very, very much for the link!

I have never heard of this group but they sound pretty good. Great choice of videos.

The Conservative Lady said...

I could not imagine what you meant by the "Garbage Edition" and almost was hoping TCL wasn't included, ha, ha. But now that I know it's a group/singer, I am very happy. Although I'm apparently not very savvy when it comes to musicians. Thanks for the link...I really appreciate it!
Oh, I just saw my "word verification" word...its "gores". Did you hear his latest? We are racists if we don't believe in global warming. What an idiot.

Matt said...

Thanks for the double linkage Teresa!

John Carey said...

Thank you so much for the links Teresa. We very much appreciate it.

Trestin said...

Big thanks Teresa. It is much appreciated