Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If unions are people then so are corporations

If unions are people then so are corporations.

Who makes up unions? Who makes up corporations? If there were no union members then unions wouldn't exist. If there weren't any owners, investors, inventors, shareholders, businessmen, and employees then there wouldn't be any corporations.  From Wikipedia: "The word 'corporation' derives from corpus, the Latin word for body, or a 'body of people'." To perpetuate the meme that corporations aren't people is absurd.  If corporations are not people what are they?  Have unions survived longer than some union members over the years? Yes. The same type of scenario happens with corporations so unions shouldn't be given preferential treatment with regards to taxes as progressives promote. When companies like GE end up paying no federal taxes something is wrong in my opinion. For this reason I do think that there are loopholes that need to be closed.


Anonymous said...

I think old Mitt was dead on. They tax the corporations has two results:

1. the corporations pass the cost on to you by rasing the price of goods and services; which means, these fools are calling for taxing themselves.
2. Corporations just find ways around being taxed, mostly by moving operations overseas.

John Carey said...

I agree with Mitt on this one...and oh yeah so does the SCOTUS. They still can't let that one go can they?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I see nothing wrong with corporations paying no taxes, as long as the profits are rolled back into the corporation for expansion. The shareholders pay the taxes on their dividend, and new employees pay taxes.

Matt said...

As much as I hate to say it, he is right. But, will he govern that way.

Teresa said...


Nope. They're still stewing about that ruling. Thank goodness the Supreme Court stood up for the Constitution.

Teresa said...


Who knows... Hopefully.

Teresa said...


Exactly! Your points are spot on!

Teresa said...


The problem I have with that is new employees usually earn the least amount of money. You are correct about the shareholders. I still think the system of taxation needs to changed at least to some degree.