Monday, August 1, 2011

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Returns To D.C. To Vote Yea; Debt Ceiling Bill Passes House

I think it is wonderful that Gabby Giffords returned to Washington D.C. so that she could cast her vote for the debt ceiling bill.  Welcome Back Rep. Gabrielle Giffords!!! She has had an absolutely amazing recovery. God Bless her on her continued healing.  Whether you like the bill or not her miraculous recovery and her having felt such an obligation to return to D.C. to cast her vote for this bill is what America is all about.  Here she is being given a standing ovation on the House Floor.


The Debt Ceiling Bill has now passed through the House.  The Senate will be voting on the bill tomorrow. I don't have much of the details on the debt deal at this point in time but from what I have heard so far I have mixed feelings on the debt deal, debt bill. Here are some of the details

-$2.8 trillion in deficit reduction with $1 trillion locked in through discretionary spending caps over 10 years and the remainder determined by a so-called "Super Committee.
-The Super Committee must report precise deficit-reduction proposals by Thanksgiving.
-The Super Committee would have to propose $1.8 trillion in spending cuts to achieve that amount of deficit reduction over 10 years.
-If the Super Committee fails, Congress must send a balanced-budget amendment to the states for ratification. If that doesn't happen, across-the-board spending cuts would go into effect and could touch Medicare and defense spending.
-No net new tax revenue would be part of the special committee's deliberations.

Let's just say that I'm skeptical of this whole Super Committee and what their recommendations are going to be.  Thank God for the Tea Party. If it wasn't for the Tea Party there probably would not have been any meaningful spending cuts, if cuts at all, in this debt ceiling deal. The Tea Party held the establishments' feet to the fire. This is just one step at the beginning of the Tea Party representatives and senators journey to bring back principled, limited government to Washington.   


Amusing Bunni said...

It was nice to see her, but she's by no means recovered yet. I think they just brought her out to deflect discussion from the real elements of the bill. Everyone would be too busy talking about her....and guess what? It worked.

She should stay home and rest, she's by no means healed. I hope she gets well soon, but it's disgraceful for the Dems to use her in this way.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Welcome Back ... Oh the bill = Smoke and Mirrors.

MK said...

Glad to see she has recovered and is in better health. I'll be even happier when she and the rest of the democrats reject the mad left that's controlling their party and start acting in the best interest of her fine nation.