Thursday, August 25, 2011

Question On Ron Paul: Is the ignored really ignoring media requests?

Apparently Ron Paul was invited on The O'Reilly Factor after complaining to Megyn Kelly that he was being ignored by the media after his close 2nd in the Iowa Straw Poll. Can complainers be choosers? I mean is Ron Paul really being too choosy with which show he gets interviewed on or is he really being ignored by the media?  I wonder whether he has been invited on other shows and refused to be interviewed?  From my perspective it seems like it is a little of both. What are your thoughts?


Leticia said...

Who's Ron Paul, again? J/k! What's with the whining politicians? He needs to get over himself and move on.

Liberty said...

Given the treatment he's received on O'Reilly's show before, I don't blame Ron Paul. That's not saying his decision to not accept O'Reilly's invitation is necessarily the wisest thing to do...but to be very honest, if I were to receive an invitation from that man, I'd be wary of accepting as well. He has far too much of a habit of yelling at people, and I get headaches easily.

It's also worth noting that Ron Paul has been ignored, quite consistently so. He came in second in the Ames straw poll, losing only by 200 votes, but the story of the day was Bachmann and Romney, oddly enough. Even as he won out over Perry in multiple polls, the story that's carried the day has continued to be our intrepid, quasi-socialist Texan governor. If that's not a bias, I don't know what is.

Teresa said...


Just wondering which polls show Paul ahead of Perry? Socialist?, c'mon... I've only seen those where Perry is ahead of Ron Paul. He's a social conservative and way more of a fiscal conservative than Bush. I will admit that his connections to some extremist Muslims are troubling to me, though.

Teresa said...


LOL! He does seem to be whining a good deal. Let's just say that there are better candidates than Ron Paul out there.

Leticia said...

Teresa, agreed.

Liberty said...

Teresa- I live in Texas, and trust me, Perry is very socialistic in practice - or, at least, his policies are. He's consistently raised taxes on businesses, particularly small businesses, which tax them even if they didn't make any money.

A good example is my dad's business. He's self-employed, and this past tax season, his company was hit with taxes on $100,000 that he and his company never saw. They ended up having to pay thousands extra that they didn't have. Furthermore, under this tax, businesses (in other words, small businesses that can't get out of it) have to pay up to 10% of their income - which, after having to pay social security and match other employee taxes, isn't much.

Perry was also the one that signed into law a blatantly intrusive law that required all teenage girls (who went to school) to get a vaccine called Gardasil that supposedly protected from HPV (it was also said that the vaccine would protect from cervical cancer, but that's a weak link at best).

Perry was also the main proponent of the Trans-Texas Corridor, a blatantly unconstitutional act that would have used eminent domain to wrest control of vast swathes of land to build a huge toll road that nobody wanted, never mind needed. He backed off when public outcry took over, but a bill to revive it was introduced last year in our Congress, and I doubt he's given up yet.

About the only thing he has going for him is that he has nice hair. Otherwise, he's nothing but your typical out-for-profit politician who will do anything to stay in power.

It was in several Texas polls that Perry pulled ahead. He has a lot of support here. Even in national polls, he's consistently scored above Bachmann, and has come very close to Perry and Romney, the "front runners" in this race. Yet people still ignore him. Go figure.

John Galt said...

Teresa, we agree. We also thought it was weird not to accept an interview in prime time with Fox.
He might feel uncomfortable answering pointed questions.

If I had his views on foreign policy and had expressed the thought that "It was wrong to kill Osama Bin Laden", I would also be reluctant to appear in Fox.

Anonymous said...

A lot of Texans do not care much for Perry.

Yes not going on the idiot's show was a bone headed move.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Who do I like the least? Is it Ron Paul, Bill O'Reilly, or that great Toe Sucker Dick Morris ... I think it's a tie.

MK said...

I'd be surprised if he said no to oreilly, after all he's aligned to the conservative cause, no?

You are right in that he can't afford to be choosy.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul would do to the military what George McGovern wanted to do.He is a anti Semite.

Amusing Bunni said...

He was on ABC or NBC this morning. They all drone on so much, I had it on in the background while cleaning!
So, he can't complain now.

I hope you survived the storms, Teresa :-)