Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beck: If the Tea Party Supports Gingrich Over Obama 'It Must Be About Race' ; Breitbart Rails Against Beck

First, here are the words from the horse's mouth.

Does Beck have an alter ego or something? One of sensibility and the other of insensibility? This is an outrageous comment!  He is feeding the liberal media. Beck needs to stop giving liberals fodder with such an irresponsible and fallacious comment.  To think that Gingrich believes in progressive policies just as Barack Obama does is preposterous.

One difference between Obama and Gingrich that I can think of right off the bat is Obama signed into law Obamacare and Newt has vowed to repeal Obamacare.

Second, now you can listen to Breitbart as he gives beck a tongue-lashing.  And, deservedly so IMO.

I have to say I am surprised to find out about this feud between Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck.  It is sad to see two conservatives having so much animosity toward one another.

I found this spot-on quote from Stacy McCain, the Master of Conservative Bloggery  via the Big Dog Conservative Maestro, Bob, from over at The Camp Of The Saints.

From The Other McCain: 

While I have defended Beck against his critics in the past, his recent antics certainly lend credence to the claims of those critics who call him a "rodeo clown." I perfectly understand his assertion that Gingrich and Obama are different flavors of progressivism, but to say that the only reason Tea Party voters support Gingrich is racism? C’mon: That’s ridiculously irresponsible.
While I am not a model of dispassionate discourse, Beck’s emotionalism makes him a dangerous political ally. It is difficult to distinguish between his principles and his mood.
This comment hits the nail on the head.  

Bob also posted this quote from Andrew Patrick: 

…He has adopted the Garafalo argument, hook line and sinker, for no better reason than to needlessly disparage those who might favor Newt Gingrich for the GOP nomination. Principled conservatives can argue over whether Gingrich is really one of us or not. But to pretend that his proposed policies differ in no significant way from Obama’s is to argue something demonstrably false. Gingrich may not be a Tea Partier; he cannot be an Obama Democrat.
That Beck has so tiresomely elided these differences indicates how erratic a tribune he has become.

Last, I recommend that you go over to Bob's Paradise of Conservative Blogging to see a quote of a scenario on our Founding Father James Otis which is apropos and may shed some light onto the whole Beck fiasco.   Maybe Beck should insert foot into mouth?  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Breitbart vid. This is the last thing needed was Beck on the third rail. Worse, he now says he is thinking about suporting a third party with Paul. Done.

The Conservative Lady said...

Beck's comment is absolutely wrong. He should apologize because it gives the impression that the Tea Party people who are supporting Gingrich are racists. I think Beck has awakened America in a good way over the past couple of years, but this time he is dead wrong.
It's disturbing to listen to what Breitbart says about Beck. Why doesn't Breitbart take legal action if Beck is actually plagiarizing him?
I've been a Beck supporter for several years now and this whole situation is very sad to hear.

Leticia said...

Sometimes when Beck gets it wrong he really gets it wrong.

The Tea Party hasn't actually backed anyone up at this point in time.

I, myself, was supporting Cain and that just got blown out of the water, now I am scrambling to find a candidate that will be just as good as Cain might have been.

Newt is definitely NOT an option for me or Romney.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

As the GOP continues to cannibalize each other, Obama will slither his way back into the White House in 2012.

John Galt said...

It is a pity to see Beck reaching so soon what was perhaps inevitable - self-destruction.

Intense light burns fast. He needs a controlling force somewhere in a friend or in family. Perhaps a long vacation away from politics and Washington.

Always On Watch said...

Honestly, I've never been a fan of Beck's. I will concede that he has done some excellent work: exposing Van Jones was a great service to our nation.

Beck is too much the showman. I'm sad to say that I see his as an attention whore. And he may well be devolving into a demagogue. Danger, Will Robinson!

But here's the real problem with Beck: He has so much influence over his followers! I know many conservatives who hang on Beck's every word.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Beck is no different then any other TV hack. Beck, do you like salt and pepper when you eat your own?

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Well, Newt actually does believe in progressive policies (or he's a big liar, take your pick).

Beck wasn't saying we are RAAAACISTS, he was making the point that anyone who disagrees with mainstream commie thought is RAAAACIST . . . just like those who don't want to hear that Newt is a prog. He is. He's said it numerous times. I believe him.

Teresa said...


Beck saying that he would support a Third Party is disconcerting to me and detrimental to the cause of safeguarding our liberties so I don't get it.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Teresa said...


I'm not sure why Breitbart doesn't take legal action against Beck if what he says is true. Maybe it would cost him too much money and time and isn't worth it?
The whole fiasco is sad.

Teresa said...


"Sometimes when Beck gets it wrong he really gets it wrong."

Unfortunately this is true. I hope he apologizes soon.

Teresa said...

Most Rev. Gregori,

Cannibalization of candidates only happens during the primaries. We will all come together during the general election to throw Obama out of office.

Teresa said...


Hopefully, Beck's move to Texas will help him.

Teresa said...


I know what you mean about some conservatives hanging on his every word. But, I think that happens with other media personalities too. He does encourage his listeners to verify what he says is true by doing research.

Teresa said...


Hmmm. Maybe. They all like their attention.

Teresa said...


Before I say this my man is Santorum. Newt is among my top three choices, though.

Newt believes more in pragmatism than big government policies. His answers to Beck's questions sounded logical to me. He wants limited government but not the elimination of some agencies as Ron Paul does. He believes in a bigger type of government than some of the other candidates do but I don't see him as a progressive, at least not anything close to the likes of Obama.

That isn't what he said though. I quoted what he said and didn't take what he stated out of context. He didn't explain what he meant in the context you suggested.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Teres~! I hate the infighting feeds the enemy...sheesh.

Reaganite Republican said...

Beck is a jerk- end of story

Teresa said...

Hey WHT! It certainly does feed the enemy.

Teresa said...


I wouldn't go that far. He was a jerk to say that outrageous comment.

Bob Belvedere said...

-Thanks for the linky love, Tere.

-Bob's Paradise of Conservative Blogging, Wow! I like it - thank you [PS: the Tiki Bar is open 24/7].