Thursday, December 8, 2011

Occupy Boston Protesters Ready for Clash with Police; Learn Civil Disobedience Skills

Mayor Menino of Boston has declared that Occupy protesters must leave Dewey Square by midnight or the city will take :further action."  The Occupods are ready to stir up trouble when the police come and force people out of Dewey Square after midnight.  Apparently a number of the protesters are putting up barricades.

If you look at this slideshow you'll notice that one of the slides shows a banner that says, "You can't evict an idea".  What?!?  Can you evict a bad idea? LOL!


Always On Watch said...

I wonder if my troll Ducky is there? He lives in the Boston area.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Does it surprise you that every OWS city is run by libs? I wonder why they stay away from Conservative run towns?

Leticia said...

Time to take out the garbage. Morons!

AOW, I bet he was there, I wouldn't doubt it for one minute.

Odie, because conservatives wouldn't put up with their ridiculous rubbish.