Thursday, December 15, 2011

MIni Eagle Freedom Links - Christmas Commercials - 12-15-11

Bunkerville - Give a Gun a Loving Home (AD) 

Always On Watch - Buy Lowe's!

Amusing Bunni's Musings - Simon's Cat Discovers Christmas! 

Adrienne's Corner - Robert Stacy McCain... 

Barking Spider - Anjem Choudary's Brother Arrested 

Blowing San #1 - An indication of national priorities... 

Catholic Once Again - Super Pro Life Fetal Development Video 

Fuzzy Logic - Fuzzy Shorts: Newt, BO, Unicorns, Income Inequality, and Other Stuff 

Innominatus - Caffeine should be its own food group 

Just a Conservative Girl - Supporting Newt is Racism? 

Let The Truth Be Known - Breaking News for December 8, 2011 

Legal Insurrection - Defeat National Review 

Pedaling Fast - Mrs. Horton's Candy Cane Cookies 

Randy's Roundtable - Obama and Corzine 

Woman Honor Thyself - Christmas in Israel:) 

The Other McCain - Is Congress, Unexpectedly, Robbing Us Deaf, As Well As Blind? 

The Country Thinker - Will the Crashing Euro and Rising Dollar Take Us Into Recession? 

Maggie's Notebook - Rush Limbaugh Greta Van Susteren: Most Conservative Issue Is Obama - Liberals Have To Lie To Win 

Political Realities - National Defense Authorization Act Passes House 

America's Watchtower - Gunrunner: Brian Terry Murdered One Year Ago Tonight 

Lisa Graas - Rick Santorum Releases TV Ad in Iowa: Sing, Sing, Sing 

Big Government - Scott Walker: Public Sector Unions and Big Government Destroy Jobs for Young People 

The Libertarian Patriot - Ron Paul Doesn't Matter To 'Time' 

Robbing America - Gingrich Under Attack - Parries and Repostes; No Better Way To Know A Man 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Great list and Videos!

Leticia said...

My favorite is the M&M's. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link-ditto- great link list! Vids

Always On Watch said...

I'm late in thanking you for the linkage. So much to do before Christmas!