Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Dems Race Card Politicization of the Trayvon Martin Tragedy

First, we have Democratic Representative Bobby Rush wearing a hoodie on the House Floor purely for political theater.  He ends up getting kicked off the House floor.

Second, Rep. Frederica Wilson *knows* that Trayvon was murdered. And she *knows* that he was racially profiled.  Plus, she used an old out of date picture of him to portray him as being young, fragile, and innocent. Rep. Wilson states that  "Trayvon Was Hunted Down Like A Dog, Shot Down In The Street."  Here is the video of her on the House floor.  How does Frederica Wilson *know* this? Was she there when this tragedy happened?  Or is she relying on second hand information using supposition as declaratory fact when nothing has been proven? What about the investigation?  Nah, she wanted want to wait for the facts to come out because that might contradict the narrative spun by the media and the Democrats race card politicization of this horrible tragedy. 

Third, we have Rep. Hank Johnson saying that Trayvon was "Executed" For "Walking While Black In A Gated Community." Here is the video of Hank Johnson. 
Was Hank Johnson there to witness the "execution" of Trayvon?  How does he *know* that Trayvon was executed?  How about we wait for the results of the investigation instead of making assumptions and thinking the worst of George Zimmerman and seeing the incident in the worst possible light?

Hmmm.... We seem to have a lot of Dems who think they're now the judge,the jury and the executioner.  These people don't want justice. They want revenge.  The Democrats politicization of this tragedy to advance their race-based agenda is disgusting. It doesn't look like they really want to find out the truth. The narrative spun by the media fits their agenda so why ruin that with the truth? 


Hack said...

Like I have always said, it is the Democrats who oppress minorities and women. They use minorities, women, and other groups of people to advance their agenda. They exploit non political tragedies for political gain. They have set up a 21st century plantation.

Joe Potillor said...

Drives me a bit crazy....I have my own thoughts at my blog...I think they're very well within reason.

Bunkerville said...

The Black leaders were so "at the ready" for anything they could hang their hats on for stirring up their base. Isn't it such a conincidence?

Silverfiddle said...

I still believe Zimmerman was wrong. You can't go chasing people down the street. This wrongful death would not have happened if he had listened to that dispatcher and let the police handle it.

It's not like Martin was ready to kill someone. It was not a life or death situation requiring quick intervention.

However, the crescendo of race exploitation is shameless, even worse when elected officials engage in it.

abluegirlami said...

Why doesn't the media just arrange the lynching now....why bother with a trial and judge and jury?

Blackwidow14 said...

I do believe FOX news is still using little boy pics for Tra and 3 year old mug shots for Zim.

Fox news is the first place I saw that claimed Zimm uttered 'The COONS always get away ' when actually he said clearly "those Assholes always get away.

Its not the liberals that are our enemies its the media spin, they'd sell their mothers for another spicey story .

Always On Watch said...

All politicians lie I suppose. But these examples are such BLATANT lies! The race card being played to further an agenda -- and it's an ugly agenda at that.

BTW, have you see that video that ABC News has shown? I'm referring to the video which supposedly proves that Zimmerman wasn't injured. What's been overlooked by the mainstream media: Zimmerman was indeed hauled into the police station for questioning. The Sanford Police Department didn't just let him go at the scene of the shooting.

Whatever happened that night, the event was not a case of a white guy hunting down a black guy and shooting that black guy because he was black. Sheesh.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

This is the mob mentality of liberals that Ann Coulter talks about, once they are startled into thinking there's a racist around killing for the heck of it, that's all they need to stampede.

They don't care for the facts, not interested in reason or the rule of law, nothing matters but the blood of the half-hispanic fellow.

And I'll bet that if Zimmerman is cleared of the shooting and we find out that it was really in self-defense, not one of the hysterical lynch mob will apologize and mend their ways the next time something like this happens.

Progressive my foot, these people are no different from those burning witches back in the old days.