Friday, March 16, 2012

Flight Attendant Went Bonkers With Bizarre 9/11 Rant on Plane

The original video went to private viewing for some reason so here is another video on the same incident.


Anonymous said...

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And with RICK the PRICK?
He's into DUKE and RED DUCKLE as well as ZOODUCE?
If he's into it, so is RISA and REMY and MICHE.
And that means it's sheer CALIFORNIA with mob - FPALL.
You know..." In the name of the FATHA"?
One more got something called ANDICKA?
It's connected to DICCE and HYDICA with TEDEDICA? This is also connected to NEWFOUNDLAND?
You don't think the juries are going to count that against you?
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They say you OD with DASSAULT- CALIFORNIA?
What and who do you OD with ?
And is DISNEY there , too?
This is what you call "WONDE LAND"?
van you get back to us as you know, we got a schedule for that movie - CANNES?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

This video is private now. I can't watch it. I'll see if FOX has it.

Kevin T. Rice said...

Dangit Odie. I hate when that happens. Thanks for letting me know about the video going private.

Teresa said...

I really said what is under my husband's name, Odie. For some reason blogger didn't recognize me even though I had signed into gmail.

Teresa said...


I found and posted another video on the same topic. Enjoy!