Sunday, March 4, 2012

HHS Mandate Is About Religious Liberty: Do Not Force Institutions & Businesses to Violate Consciences To Fund Your Sexual Escapades

My original title was way too long so I had to shorten it up. I think you'll like it so I thought that I would share it with you.  HHS Mandate Is About Religious Liberty: Go SCREW all You want, use Contraception, have sterilizations, and Abortion-inducing Pills But Don't Force ANY INSTITUTION to Go Against Their Religious Beliefs and Fund Your Evil Immorality

First, have you progressives ever heard of the Constitution? Even if you do it is obvious you don't give a damn  about what rights the Constitution affords every American citizen.  Second, it is obvious you are a bunch of selfish pigs who only cares about your own rights and not others' rights.  The First Amendment of the Constitution affords each and every person the right to freedom of religion.  This does not merely mean freedom to worship.  That is a perversion on the part of liberals.  Progressives have made perversion an art, sadly.  Freedom of Religion means that every person has a right to live out their religious beliefs on a daily basis.  Sebelius, Obama & Co. are trampling on our first amendment rights in the Constitution. They are our God-given Constitutional rights.  The Obama administration is nothing but a tyrannical regime that is using coercion to force citizens to violate their consciences.  That is abhorrent.  He does not respect other people who have different beliefs than he does, nor does anyone in his tyrannical regime, as evidenced by this coercive HHS mandate.

Progressives can go screw themselves all day long. I would rather they didn't engage in sex like its going out of style due to all the diseases they could be exposed to but they can do whatever they want as long as they don't infringe on my religious beliefs.  They can pursue their happiness all they want while they fund their own contraception, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs.

This HHS mandate is about forcing people of conscience to fund what goes against their religious beliefs.  It is NOT about contraception.  Contraception can be found very easily and for cheap at any health department, free clinic, or any number of other places.  Women already have access to these services and products.  People can screw, screw, screw all they want but on their own dime, not mine.  It is about not forcing institutions and those who run those institutions to violate their consciences and their religious beliefs. Don't impose your immorality on me.  Don't impose your belief that sexual promiscuity is okay on those of us who believe that it is immoral to use and fund contraception, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs.  If you want to go against God to prevent pregnancy and to murder your young which is sick, despicable, unnatural and morally repugnant then you can do that on your own dime, not on mine, not on an institution or businesses dime which finds these products and procedures to be morally objectionable, who do not want to go against God's Will, their beliefs, and their consciences.

Progressives, you can pave your own road to Hell but I will not aid in paving your road to Hell.  I hope that you change your behavior and see that these services largely harm your bodies, souls, and minds. Those of us who listen to our consciences, listen to that angel on our shoulders versus you who cave in to the devil on your shoulders, will not fund these products and services for your immoral sexual escapades.  The HHS mandate is tyrannical secularism.  The HHS mandate is unconstitutional. We may not have asked for it but we are ready for a fight to restore, retain and defend our right to religious freedom.

I think this painting by Jon Naughton is apropos.

The Forgotten Man by Jon Naughton


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Exactly right, Teresa! Great post.

This is not and never was about birth control / contraception, and the left is happy as hell that the right--including Rushbo--is too stupid to stick to the actual topic at hand.

Silverfiddle said...

Our Progressive public education system has done an excellent job laying the groundwork. The concept of negative rights, which is what this nation was founded upon, has been snuffed.

They've turned the concept of rights on its head. Most people now believe rights are whatever you can force others to give you.

Ironically, we are now back to the Divine Right of Kings, aided by direct democracy mob rule. Whoever screams the loudest gets their "rights," nevermind how many rights of others get violated in the process.

We are lost...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The very first line in the First Amendment is, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ..."

Bunkerville said...

The subject matter apparently is far too complex for the average citizen to comprehend. Great post!

cube said...

Thanks to the unholy alliance of the teachers union and the statist press, our children have been dumbed down to the point of not appreciating the principles upon which our republic was founded.

Ron Russell said...

The best thing in life are indeed free, but birth control pills just don't fit in that catagory. I'm tired of the lies and half-truths that flow so easily from the mouths of fools in this debate. This is all about a drift toward an all powerful central government that will in the end if left unchecked control every aspect of our daily lives.

Like that bottom image by Jon Naughton---I used another one by his at Stop Obama in 2012 at the bottom of the page if you choose to look.

Matt said...

Well said Teresa. The Stupid Party fell for this one again.

Porcupine John said...


I've been looking around your blog and I like what you are doing. I've added it to my blogroll -- if you'll send me your RSS info I'll put in on, as well.

Check our my blog when you have a chance:


Leticia said...

Teresa, words can't even express how much I want to stand up and applaud your post. If you don't mind, I would LOVE to share this on my Facebook page.

People need to realize that the government DOES NOT have the right to force us to murder children, have free sex and make us all pay for it.

Bravo, my friend, BRAVO!!

Teresa said...

Porcupine John,

Thank you for the compliment on my blog and for adding it to your blogroll. I took a look at your blog and it looks good. The owl pic looks majestic and awesome. I will be adding your blog to my blogroll.

Teresa said...


You are more than welcome to share this on your Facebook page. Thanks so much for the accolades. That's right. No forcing us to fund evil!

Windy said...

Married people use contraception, you know. Are a lawfully wedded man and wife being promiscuous in the wedding bed? Is matrial congress a sin?

Teresa said...


If you read my post you would understand that this whole issue is not about having access to contraception. It is about religious liberty. It is about any church, nonprofit or any employer having the right to not to offer contraception if it goes against their faith and morals. You can buy birth control pills for very cheap at places like Target or your local health department. It is about the Obama administration violating citizens right to freedom of religion. There is no right to birth control and certainly no right to force employers to violate their consciences. What a couple does in their bedroom is up to you but don't make me fund your sexual aids for your sexual pleasures if I believe it is a sin or morally wrong. You can buy your sexual aids yourself.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"We may not have asked for it but we are ready for a fight to restore, retain and defend our right to religious freedom."

I know for sure that you didn't ask for it, in fact i think most religious organizations believed and were led to believe by the obama administration that he wouldn't force them to fund abortions and contraceptives. But as many of us expected, he betrayed you all. That's liberalism for you, mark my words, if they could get away with killing off newborn babies and make you all pay for it, they would.

So now you must fight for your rights, fight them at every turn and for every inch, give them nothing, no quarter and no mercy for they give you none and lastly, take from them, everything!

Keari said...

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." (United States Constitution) While I understand your disheartenment, the HHS law would not be violating the first amendment, as it still provides full freedom of religion for the individual. Individuals are still able to choose and decide whether contraceptives are right for them. As insurance policies affect a diversity of religions, it would actually be unconstitutional and would be considering favoring a religion if christian beliefs were indoctrinated into the insurance policies. Contraceptives indeed are most often used for birth control, but are often used for health conditions like ovarian cysts, in which paid access to health care isn't a viable option for some.

Teresa said...


I'll just say this as succinct as possible. Your interpretation of what is considered to be constitutional is wrong. You must be missing the second part of that clause "no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" which says religions or people of religious beliefs have a God-given right to follow their religion properly, according to the beliefs set out by that religion. The HHS mandate violates the second part of that clause by forcing religious people to fund things that violate their consciences and moral beliefs. Having no HHS mandate does not favor Christianity. The HHS mandate favors Statism and tyranny, especially against ones right to religious freedom.

Contraceptives can be purchased at Target for about $9 per month. Yes, paid access is a viable option. Although, your premiums may be higher than some. Plus, quite a few doctors are willing to work with you. You'd be surprised what they'll rename in order so that your covered by your insurance.