Tuesday, May 8, 2012

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS -- 80's Music "B" Edition -- 5-8-12


Weasel Zippers - Devastating Video: Are We Satisfied? No!

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism - Books by Dave Armstrong: The Quotable Wesley: Theology and Conversion of Heart 

The Daley Gator - *Video* Did Muhammed Exist? Robert Spencer Says No  

Atlas Shrugs - Saturday Night Cinema: The Lady From Shanghai 

Domine, da Mihi Hanc Aquam - Coffee Cup Browsing 

The Camp Of The Saints - TCOTS Exclusive Pic: Newt Endorses Mitt! 

The Other McCain - Not #ReadyToGo? Hashtag Doesn't Fill Ohio Arena For Obama Campaign 

The Libertarian Patriot - TLP Quick Hits: Connecticut Passes Marijuana Bill 

What Does The Prayer Really Say? - National Offend A Feminist Week!

Conservative Hideout 2.0 - Occupod vs. Hannity 

Capitalist Preservation - Happy Cinco de Mayo from Jose and... 

Catholic Bandita - Cardinal Law's Bum Rap 

My Daily Trek - How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended 

American Perspective - NSA Spy Center Slated For Completion Sept 2013 

It Don't Make Sense - Sitting Stupid: Princess of the Entitlement Tribe 

The Country Thinker - The Halls of the Philosopher-Monarchs 

Political Realities - Barack Obama's Version of an Economic Recovery: Open Thread 

The Catholic Knight - The Fall of Multiculturalism and the Rise of Nationalism 

Bunkerville - Obama's Way Forward 

TOTUS - Our Hip Hop Prez

Reaganite Republican - Perusing the Righty Blogosphere

Woodsterman - Froward  

Sentry Journal - Renewing America: Patrick Kelly Interview 

Virtual Mirage - Gentleman Reading My Mail 

Creative Minority Report - Outrage!! Georgetown Chooses Sebelius for Commencement 

Randy's Roundtable - Friday Nite Funnies 

America's Chronicle - Cinco de Mayo: Thank the French for the Corona's 

The Blog - Cat Blog Friday 

Defeat Obama in 2012 - Let's Make Mitt Romney Our 45th President 

Maggie's Notebook - First the Pastor, Now the Lawyer

The Conservative Lady - Obama's Newest Composite Character - Julia  

Let The Truth Be Known - Is Obama Planning To Unleash a Red Plague on America? 

Self Evident Truths - Repost: Abortions ad Absurdum

Right Wing Theocrat - Stock To Avoid 

The American Catholic - May 8, 1862: Battle of McDowell 

Mind Numbed Robot - Blast From The Past  

The Audacity of Logic - Obama's Czars 

Fuzzy Logic - If I Wanted America To Succeed 

Don't Tread On Us - Ignorance is Strength, 2012 Edition 

Zilla Of The Resistance - #NotGoodEnoughForRomCon 

We The People - Scouts Honor! Would I Lie To You? 

Theo Spark - French Voters Elect Francois Hollande as Next President 

The TrogloPundit - Like Me, You've Probably Never Lost Any Sleep Over What Happened... 

The Owl Blog - New Eugenics and Turning Our Backs 

The Lonely Conservative - SNL Scrapped Skit Poking Fun at Obama, Replaced It With Skit...

The Humble Libertarian - FBI Quietly Pushing Plan To Force Surveillance Backdoors  on Social Networks...

The Astute Bloggers - What Makes Americans The Greatest Race On Earth? 

Talk Wisdom - Power Over Those Who Refuse To Think 

Stop Marxism - Conservative Artwork 

SayAnythingBlog - Milt Freedman: The Free Lunch Myth 

Rjjrdq's America II - Illegal Alien Tax Fraud A Booming Industry 

PaleoCon Command Center - I Hate Barack Obama More Than I Love Jesus 

Obama Cartoons - Rubio Slams Obama on Fox News Sunday 

NoOneOfAnyImport - Another Hero in the Army of Davids 

Motor City Times - "Californian to Texan" Translation Guide

Lone Star Parson - Horsing Around 

Liberty At Stake - Demotivational "Julia" 

Jo-Joe Politico - Another Intelligent One

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia - Did Muhammad Exist? An Intriguing New Book 

Eye Of Polyphemus - Stargate SG-1-- "Forsaken" 

Doug Ross @ Journal - Un-Freaking-Believable: American POW Left to Anguish While Obama Gives Away Taliban Prisoners 

Common Cents - The Best Editorial Page You Will Find

Bunkerville - Obama's Adviser cites Marx in Support of Class Warfare  

BBCW - Is Missouri State Senator Jay Wasson Serious About Returning Local Control To Christian County Schools? 

Boudica BPI Weblog - Congressman Allen West Speaks To BREC (Broward Republican Executive Committee)

Blogsense by Barb - 5 Truth-Bites for Today!

Battle Beads Blog - A Muslim Warns America, Condemns Sharia Law! 

ARRA News Service - Obama's Career Crossroad & Dad's Duck Wisdom 

Anonymous Political Scientist - The Life of John: A Rebuttal to The Life of Julia 

Amusing Bunni's Musings - Movie Fun with Bun Bun

Five Feet of Fury - 'BlazingCatFur' gets Results': My Husband Breaks Another Story that Gets Picked Up by Mainstream  

American Power - Pamela Geller Slams Obama's Foreign Policy on Hannity's

Always On Watch - The Meaning of Words  

Adrienne's Corner - Sunday With Bill Whittle... 

A Patriotic Nurse - Disenfranchised by the GOP 

A Catholic View - 17, 000 'Aphrodesiac' Pills Made from Dead, Aborted Babies Seized by Police in South Korea 

A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - Bishops Watering Down Message on HHS Mandate

Acts Of The Apostasy - LCWR Plans "The Life of Junia" Project 

 A Conservative Teacher - Bishop Argues That Obama and Democrats Don't Tolerate Competition from Church: Is He Right? 

Barracuda Brigade - Obama Administration Throwing in the Towel When it Comes to War on Terror?

Beers, Bicycles and the VRWC - Challenge Them 

Beers With Demo - Images of America 

Black Or White Is A Choice - The Botox Babe is Back in the News 

Bluegrass Pundit - Prepare for Your TSA Sponsored Cavity Search at the Airport 

Catholic Once Again - The Music of Seven Sorrows

Commentarama - Meet Elizabeth Warren - Native American  

Diogenes' Middle Finger - Why Diversity Training is Bullsh*t 

Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty - Barack Obama is the Metrosexual President 

Hack Wilson - Charles Krauthammer vs. Liberal. Best Comeback Ever. 

Full Metal Patriot - Exposed: Rampant Illegal Immigrant Tax Fraud

Proof Positive - Hulk Smash

Innominatus - Good News/Bad News  

Just A Conservative Girl - Education Reform - Do What Works, Not What Feels Good

Left Coast Rebel - What Do These Unemployment Figures Really Mean, Especially If You are a Recent College Grad? 

Laughing Conservative - Your Tax Dollars at Work

Legal Insurrection - Dick Lugar Jumps the Social Security Scare Tactic Shark  

Libertarian Republican - Revealed: Suarez Took a Soiree to the Middle East after Secret Scandal Broke

The Observatorium - STR

Motivation Truth - More Footage of Governor Palin at Extraordinary Women Conference in Birmingham 

Nikon Sniper - Blue Herron Fishing Creek

Obama Cartoons - Frances Fox-Piven To Occupiers

 Quickwit - Europe Died at Auschwitz 

RightKlik - Outlier: Dick Lugar is Too Liberal for Indiana 

Saber Point - Democracy Doesn't Work 

Sancte Pater - Obama Catholics

Standing On My Head - The Jesus Revolution  

The Scottcarp Dream - Forward Red Marines 

We The People - Gun of the Day - The "There's an M-60 in there Somewhere" Edition 

America'sWatchtower - Gunrunner: First Democrat Expresses Support for Holding Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress 

Cmblake6's Weblog - You Want To See Something Insane? 

Thomas Jefferson Blog - Media Not Biased? 

Conservatives On Fire - The "Chicago Way" Must Be Stopped! 

Infidels Are Cool - CIA Foils Al Qaeda Underwear Bomb Plot Intended for Anniversary of Bin Laden Death 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thank you for all of this hard work kind Lady! Love that "Eternal Flame" too. How many candles do you burn at both ends to get your "EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS" posts out.

Thank you so much!

Ron Russell said...

Girl you put some kind of work into this post. Wish I was able to spend that much time on one post, but then you know how many blogs I have so have to divide my time. Thanks for the linky love. Wish I had the time to visit all those sites, but just can't get but "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" as the old song goes. You're not old enough to remember that one. Again thanks for the links.

Leticia said...

You forgot the Beastie Boys "Sabotage" MCA passed away.

AND I LOVE, LOVE, "Eternal Flame" reminds me of my very first love. :)

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