Thursday, May 31, 2012

Senator Tom Coburn on "The debt bomb"

The National Journal gives us a glimpse into Sen. Coburn's book, what he says about Congress, the state of our country, health care, and both the debt and deficit crisis in America.

“Congress today is a stagnant pond that needs to be drained and refilled with a steady stream of new public servants,” he writes, according to excerpts provided to ABC News. “I’m a fan of the Jack Welch principle in reverse for Congress … fire 90 percent of members every election and only keep the 10 percent who were productive.”

“Most politicians were content to sit in their partisan bunkers and cling to the illusion that they were holding a line, when the reality was, there were no more lines left to hold,” Coburn writes. “Both parties had betrayed their core beliefs and positions. We were under siege and surrounded on all sides, not by a foreign army but by foreign creditors.”


Silverfiddle said...

It is a ticking timebomb, and when it blows up in our faces there will be no one to bail us out.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I'm not sure how you fire the lot and "only keep the 10 percent who were productive.” These days people have very different definitions of 'productive'.

Maybe a term limit, like with the president. He's on the right track though.