Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vetting Pres. Obama Before an Election: Obama's America 2016

The film Obama's America 2016 is based on Dinesh D'Souza's latest NYT bestseller called The Roots of Obama's Rage. 

We need to stop Obama before he downgrades America any further or before he takes the U.S. down any more notches than he already has.  He is not for bettering America but is for making America equal to every other country in the world.  He believes that America is imperialistic just like his father did.  We need a president that believes in America's greatness, believes in a better America where all have the opportunity to prosper. Vote for Mitt Romney in November! 

A big hat tip to WDTPRS 

Vote Obama out because....

From Father Z:

...He is the most aggressive pro-abortion president ever.
...He lied to Cardinal Dolan.
...He is attacking the Catholic Church.
...He is promoting unnatural “marriage”.
...He is undermining our first liberties.
...He had no real credentials before 2008.
...We know almost nothing about him.
November 2012!